Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights2021.8.13 Whistle Blower Movement Started a Journey to Take Down CCP with Music and No Shed of Blood


When you are protesting on the street, they may not know what you want and just get some impression

However, if you play the song couple times, the effect is way better. We have definitely changed the model of street politics. We converted it to the model of musical politics. We are the first one to use music to protest for political agendas. This musical politics, musical political movement started with us

The three guys on the cameras are the most memorized faces in the future. We are not trying to be modest, musical movement, and all the past conflicts in the human history before. That was religious war, regional war, energy war, then ideology war. Then, it gets to democracy ear, or street politics. Street politics were already a form of democracy.

Now, the street politics is rebranded as Internet political movement. Among the Internet political movements, you got the musical political movement, we are the forerunner for this. Internet political movement has us as forerunners, then using social media broadcasting as tools for political movement, we are forerunners as well. Chinese people are definitely the first ones to use this, nobody else ahead of us. We are not only using this stuff and created them, but we also created platform as GTV and Gettr

We also got our cryptocurrency, then it is monetary political movement. We are forerunners in this as well. When our fellow fighters understand the nature of these movements. This is the best mode to fight for your rights in human history, without any bloodshed.

Video Clip:NorthAurora
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