Written by: Ermat

Image Source:  m.renjianbaitai.com

According to the Free Times on August 14, a mud collapse occurred at noon in a coal mine in Chaidar, Qinghai Province, China. This has killed one person and trapped 19 others.

The mud collapse occurred at the Chai Dal coal mine of Xihai Coal Company in Gangcha , Haibei Prefecture. There were 21 people working underground at the time.After the accident, the rescue team of Chaidar Coal Mine immediately carried out rescue work.  A total of two people were rescued, one of whom died, another one had no life threatening injuries, and 19 others were trapped.

There have been a number of major mining disasters in China in the past year.  As of June, more than 60 miners have been killed. The last fatal accident occurred on June 4. A massive gas leak and pit collapse occurred at a coal mine in Hebi, Henan province. There were 355 people in the mine at the time of the incident. Of these, 347 people escaped and 8 died of asphyxiation.

Source: 青海柴達爾煤礦發生崩塌 1死19人被困