August 11, 2021

According to the Express report on August 11, 2021, the Swiss Embassy has confirmed no such a citizen by “Wilson Edwards” wrote any academic articles. However, this so-called Swiss scientist has been widely quoted by the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) mouthpieces, such as The People’s Daily, China Daily, and the state-run CGTN television network.

The fake biologist was reported to have accused America of pressuring the World Health Organisation (WHO) to investigate the leak theory, which he said was only designed to increase American influence. Unfortunately, the CCP’s propaganda machinery didn’t do enough background checks on the biologist or never want to because they made it up “in an apparent attempt to discredit claims that COVID-19 leaked from one of its laboratories.”

To get the full report, please click Doctor who? China quotes FAKE biologist in attempt to discredit Covid ‘lab leak’ theory

Edited by:【Himalaya London Club UK】