In China, we will call female spies Snake, because they usually use sex thus to achieve their final goals set by CCP’s different task mission, such as People’s Liberation Army (PLA). One of the famous such spies is Lan Yang(杨澜), who pretended to be a famous TV program host but actually a senior soldier in PLA intelligence department.

Snake Yan(Yan Limeng) got a seven-year undergraduate degree in clinical medicine at Xianya School of Medicine, Central South University (中南大学)in China. And then she got a doctor degree in ophthalmology from Southern Medical University in 2014. Southern Medical University was formerly known as the First Military Medical University of the PLA established in 1951.

Because of the inferiority of Chinese education, the graduates trained often pursue scores instead of real life goals. CCP education has created many exquisite egoists.

We can say Snake Yan(Yan Limeng) is one of them. They are fully loyal to the organization and when they carry out assignments, they can be really like cold killer and gradually become greedy and brutal. What they have accomplished becomes a condition for bargaining more material rewards from the organization. While Snake Yan (Yan Limeng) is attacking the whistleblower movement, she still wears designer clothes purchased for her under the name of the Rule and Law Foundation when she was disguised as one of the whistleblower movement followers. This phenomenon reflected her psychological perversion to a certain extent, which turned her into a long-term cheating and lying.

Snake Yan(Yan Limeng) joined the Poon LL(潘烈文)laboratory in Hong Kong University in 2014. But we understand that she should have got a Charter certificate in Hong Kong in 2012, because she got a HongKong passport in 2019. According to the law in HongKong, it takes 7 years from getting the charter certificate to getting a Hong Kong passport. And Snake Yan(Yan Limeng) has no family or relatives in Hong Kong, and according to the law, she would get the Charter certificate only under the special approval from the China intelligence department. So she should have worked for PLA before 2012.

When she escaped from Hong Kong, she bragged about that she was motivated by the HongKong students movement. But from her past experience, we can conclude that her mission is to shift the origin of Covid-19 to the United State. So she lured Wang Dinggang(Lude) as a snake and colluded with Lawrence Sellin and other fake doctors to attack WhistleBlower Movement in order to reach the goal to shift the truth about CCP lab-made Covid-19.

In collusion, she was totally a cold-blooded spy trained by PLA to complete the CCP bio-weapon program.