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Miles Guo’s Gettr Highlights2021.8.6 CCP Is Using Domestic Pandemic to Cover up the Massacre of CCP-Virus Overseas


A secretary of CCP’s leader said that our leader was talking to another leader yesterday. We should do something about the Sino-US relationship. Maybe it is a little bit over performed and spinning out of control. The leader said, didn’t we just send over a war-sheep? So, it changed from war-wolf to war-sheep. Wow, Qing Gang is here to play a sheep, which is in the skin of the wolf, okay. To deal with Americans, you need to be tough for a few moves, then go soft a bit. First war-wolf, then go soft, this is typical CCP maneuvers. Of course, they are lying to the US.

They said that US won’t have any actions. US is completely under control. And US officials are under control. Someone said the virus is going to have a major move. It will be big for them, but we will be fine. Just tell them we are under lock down again. first Wuhan, then Northeast, then Beijing, Shang Hai, and Yang Zhou, so what is going on? He said, if we don’t have anyone infected and the pandemic only happens in their land, they will blame us for the virus, right? That is to say that we need to put on a show, so we also get infections and lock downs. With the words of the leaders, we have some many teams to deal with the pandemic, so many equipment, and cars.

Since you invest so much to it, you need to have at least a rehearsal, also just have some death is nothing, right? If we don’t put up a show, how can we cover the CCP-virus is killing people all over the world. So, we need to have some deaths at home too. For instance, if you get 1 million deaths, we can also have maybe 10K, but if we can kill over a million of yours, I don’t care if we have to kill 5 million of our people.

The letter we wrote to the International Olympic Games Committee has broad impact. More warnings were sent to me last night. Miles, don’t cross the red line. We will have the Winter Olympic Games for sure. I said, because this pandemic of yours, disaster happened, you cannot have the games, right? They said, oh, when we are going to have the game, there will be no more viruses. Did you hear that? right? They know the vaccines don’t work. It’s just for making money. They also have other purposes. Second, when they are going to have the Winter Olympic Games. There will be no more virus, what that means? It’s manageable.