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Sun Dawu’s last statement above fully revealed why he and his enterprises have become the primary enemies of the CCP’s “political security”. This case has become the first priority to be suppressed and cleared away by the authorities.

First, Dawu Group has 380 million bank deposits, thousands of house properties, together with other huge assets, even without a cent of bank loans. This means that the Dawu group is completely out of power’s control, which totally goes against the CCP’s totalitarian strategic controls over enterprises through banks and stocks in order to prevent such enterprises from turning self-reliance into independent enterprise kingdoms. Sun Dawu’s hard-built clean and healthy ecological enterprise environment without any original sins has highlighted a huge contrast and irony against the CCP’s deliberately created dirty and deadly ecological enterprise environment, full of original sins. Hence, it made the CCP authorities felt extremely ashamed and couldn’t wait to destroy them.

Second, the constitutionalism of Dawu group is to restrict Sun Dawu himself, his sons, and his descendants. This kind of enterprise constitutionalism is a serious violation of the essence of totalitarianism, running counter to what the totalitarian CCP “red blood” pursues – holding the power forever. Only those who established the regime could own the regime, and it could only be succeeded to their children and grandchildren. The CCP totalitarian regime seemed frightened of their extinction if this was not timely suppressed.

Third, in the Dawu Group private enterprise constitutional system, the power conferring is bottom-up by election. This looks even crazier to the CCP, which blatantly violates the totalitarian principle of “power comes out of the guns”, as the power conferring of the small government is top-down by appointment. Dawu group is an experimental field and incubator of modern democracy in China, which brings social welfare and vitality to the people. This is a striking contrast against the big government of the CCP, the one-party dictatorship system. The societies are totally different between democratic and totalitarian countries. It is the most influential case to reverse brainwashing and awaken people in the real world. Thus, the CCP felt terrified so as to remove them in haste.

Fourth,  Dawu group‘s management system is decentralizing, confirming, and checking the power, which is a blatant challenge directly to the CCP totalitarianism. This is another version of the tripartite political system, a rule of law system with checks and balances. Where would the CCP totalitarianism inhabit, once the society believed in tripartite politics system? Therefore, the elimination of this kind of consciousness and system is the CCP’s only choice.

Fifth, the differentiated common prosperity and the executives’ income shall not be more than 10 times of that of the workers. This is also not tolerated by the totalitarian CCP. As the pyramid of power structure under the CCP totalitarianism is extremely hierarchical, the privileged rights and welfare treatment at the top of the pyramid is unlimited at all. As a result, an unlimited gap between hierarchies is inevitable. However, the system in Dawu Group is to restrict the high hierarchy and protect the lower hierarchy which is totally different from the CCP totalitarian rules.

In short, Sun Dawu had sincere empathy for the suffering of the country and nation, and deeply love this country and the people. In addition, he took huge risks of being persecuted and wiped out by the authorities, willing to help the people and this country to explore and try a road to liberation and happiness. He is really a grassroots hero. Unfortunately, it is a pity that he was born in such a bad time that he probably has to die before he achieves his dream. What a loss to the country and the people! Just as Mr. Guo said about the Chinese private entrepreneurs who still have not fled Communist China: No matter how successful you are, how many taxes you have paid, and how many employment problems you have fixed, you will be the leeks that will be definitely harvested by the CCP!

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