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Miles Guo’s Highlights2021.8.3 Strategies and Objectives of the New Federal State of China in the World’s Unconventional Wars

Miles Guo:

This involves bio-war, chemical war, technology war, cyber war, space war and religious war. The most powerful weapon at this critical moment is social media and cryptocurrency. That is for sure. As for new the Federal State of China, what is sure for us is no CCP by 2025. Chinese people will be freed for sure. There is going to be a final battle with communism. There are two things we want to avoid and focus on only two things. We cannot be part of the battlefield. We want to be the one to clean up the battlefield.

We need to have patience, don’t rush it. We need to hold tight of the line. Hold tight to the bottom line of the law and the NFSC, as well as whistleblower movement. Stick to the truth and act under the law.

We don’t have the capacity to participate in the war, but for sure we have the capacity to become the one who represents the Chinese to clean up the battlefield. That is number one. Second, Powe. We need to use all the means within the border of the law. Don’t be naïve. We need to have common sense and don’t be naïve. We need to develop our capacity of economic, social media, and financial power, to make more friends. In the international world, we need to take down the CCP with the US, with the virus, with money and with social media. Make the world voluntarily to choose the NFSC as the sole legitimate government of China.