August 06, 2021

China will stage a five-day military training exercise in the South China Sea off southeast Hainan province beginning on August 6, large-scale maneuvers that will provocatively coincide with nearby US-led exercises in the contested maritime region.

Meanwhile, the US Indo-Pacific Command said on August 2 it would conduct the LSGE21 with the United Kingdom’s armed forces, Australian Defense Force and Japan Self-Defense Force.

On Wednesday evening, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in a speech at the 11th East Asia Summit (EAS) Foreign Ministers’ Meeting that “foreign powers” must stop extending “black hands” in South China Sea issues.

On Monday (August 2), the German Navy’s frigate, Bayern, set sail from the port of Wilhelmshaven for a seven-month-long journey across a dozen ports in the Indo-Pacific that will likewise traverse the South China Sea.

The chance of a direct military conflict between China and the West is still remote in the short term, military experts say.

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