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Civilization does not necessarily always defeat the savageness and the evil. This can happen when US Army is defeated by Chinese communist party (CCP) army. This is only possible if all or most American soldiers are ill or die within two to three years as a result of massive COVID-19 vaccination, while CCP military soldiers are energetic to kill. Image the horrible situation that aircraft carriers wouldn’t be able to voyage because all navy soldiers had died, F35 fighter jets wouldn’t be able to fly because all pilots had died, military personals wouldn’t be able to be replenished because half of American had died… Then all these powerful military weapons would be captured by healthy CCP military soldiers, and North America soon would be occupied by CCP military soldiers without any decent resistance.

The above narrative may not be a fiction but will be an emerging reality within 2 to 3 years if US army is all vaccinated while CCP army is not. The following are my evidence-based analysis.

CCP Vaccine Hoax. 

CCP claimed that 70-80% population (about 900 million – 1.12 billion Chinese) would be vaccinated by the end of 2021 [1]. There were reports that all soldiers would be vaccinated in CCP Army [2-5], and even Major General Wei Chen showed a picture of vaccination (Fig 1). Make no mistake! CCP medical experts are highly intelligent, their virus immunology experience and clinical skill dealing with virus pandemic are superior to American doctors. Given the overwhelming evidence of vaccine toxicity, it was impossible that CCP medical experts did not realize that. But why CCP deceive the world by touting the vaccine?

CCP Major General Wei Chen, fake vaccination

In my opinion, all vaccination campaign in Communist China may be simply a show. To make the show look genuine, civilian may be partially vaccinated for real, but vaccination of the soldiers may not be real, and the content in the syringe injected into general Wei Chen could be saline, albumin or immunoglobulin to hoax the world. There may be a big conspiracy hidden, i.e. releasing and spreading virus everywhere were only the first wave attack from CCP, the ultimate purpose of this first attack may be to lure the world into vaccination campaign, more specifically lure US army into vaccination. So far, CCP has been very successful as the race of vaccination has begun worldwide. Now, I want to draw special attention that US army may have gone through the half of the tactic set by CCP. There are about 1.4 million active-duty military servicemembers in America. In May 2021, some 500,000 of them had received a single dose of a COVID vaccine. Fast-forward the number stands at 775,500. According to a leaked army document that vaccine will be mandatory in US army by September 2021[6]. Some of the US army serviceman has express that they would rather retire to being vaccinated. CCP Army may be watching and counting the vaccination rate in US Army now.

Vaccines are toxin, and may be weapons of mass destruction for depopulation.

First,all COVID-19 vaccines are based on spike protein as an antigen. More and more evidence has shown that Spike protein can cause variety kinds of damage including myocarditis, blood clots etc. So called mRNA vaccine is not a vaccine in nature, rather, it belongs to gene therapy category. Viral vector vaccine belongs to gene therapy category too. Such a gene therapy technology can permanently produce Spike protein inside human body once it is injected.

Some scientists predict there will be mass destruction of human lives as a result of global vaccination within 2-3 years [7-11]. Some even certain the death of most vaccinated people would be inevitable in the near future [12].

Second, CCP virus has many variants, therefore, like Dengue vaccine, vaccines can cause ADE (antibody dependent enhanced) effect. ADE occurs when the antibodies generated during an immune response recognize and bind to a variant virus, but they are unable to prevent infection. Instead, these antibodies act as a “Trojan horse,” allowing the variant virus to get into cells and exacerbate variant virus infection. Therefore, deliberately releasing variant virus can be used as a binary biological weapon of mass destruction to COVID-19 vaccinated population.

mRNA vaccines are not trustworthy. Billionaire Bill Gates, who has repeatedly mentioned lowering the world’s population, has been funding vaccine research globally, including Moderna’s coronavirus mRNA vaccine [13]. Pfizer has become an affiliate of the CCP. According to Mr. Guo Wengui’s broadcast on G-TV November 11, 2020, Pfizer’s research and development center is based in China, and its mRNA vaccine is a biological weapon.

Lessons from countries with mass vaccination. Israel, India, Peru, Hungary, Indonesia all has high vaccination rate, as a result, these countries also have exceptional high mortality in vaccinated population.  It is likely the CCP launched variant virus attack to these countries. CCP does not care their reaction since these countries are either small or poor.

So far, US death rate is not high in the vaccinated.In USA, 56% of population have received at least one dose, 48% of population have been fully vaccinated. One might argue why US death rate in the vaccinated is not high now. The answers are:

(1) Acute vaccine toxicity is similarly common in USA, such as myocarditis and blood clot, for example, it has been reported US military personals have much higher rate of myocarditis [14]. However, mainstream media, CDC, FDA and NIH intentionally silence the vaccine toxicity reported.

(2) It is conceivable CCP want USA relatively uneventful before most Americans are fully vaccinated. CCP does not want US army to be vigilant that the vaccine is not effective or too many vaccinated people are dying. Therefore, CCP has not launched variant virus attack yet to USA. They are still wait utill US military soldiers to be vaccinated.

I sincerely hope my analysis was wrong.

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