A bastard of a CCP standing committee member in Li Feifei’s company controls American born Chinese and knows more secretes than CIA does. The future harm and killing of Kexing vaccine to humans will be tens of thousands of times bigger than that of Hitler during World War II. The second one is Pfizer vaccine.

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Chinese Subtitles: Yushanxiqiaoke
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Miles Guo:
I am saying that Li Feifei is critical. You should track down to this lead. I said the Chinese American in this company is bastard of a CCP standing committee member. Then, he said, that is not correct. He was born in the US. I said, American born is the truly trusted members of CCP’s evil plan. His eyes widely opened and said, Miles are you kidding or what?

He said if this is part of CCP’s plan. Then, their infiltration of the western world is too dangerous. I can also talk about this guy someday. I said, use your cellphone to look up the photos of this person, right now. I can tell you, back of his right tooth, when he was seven years old, that part was cut open from the side. This is only time his biological father, who was a leader in Shanghai at that time, flied to the US and spent a week with him. It almost got him exposed. The guy investigated this case is now in Qin Cheng prison. He was scared, then I told him, this person controls American born Chinese.  He knows more secretes about all humanity than CIA. He was totally shocked and said, Miles you know, I just met his yesterday. Then, I said, for this person, if one day he is in the chair for the trial. You should ask him two questions. Who was the guy runs Kexing vaccine? When did they start to prepare for this? What is the relationship between AI and Kexing vaccine? He said I got it and he totally shocked. I will only explain this part. If you can read whistleblower movement, I can tell you this is a huge map. The map will let all human beings know one day.

Why were they able to get the vaccine ready so early? What kind of power was able to leverage CCP? How was this forced Xi Jinping who doesn’t know anything about science and technology to order vaccination of the nation. Why did Kexing vaccine can get 180 billion profits within 400 days. Although the vaccine almost totally ineffective, but you are forced to inject it. Mark my words, the damage, and killings of Kexing vaccine is going to be way more than anything in the history. It will be tens of thousands of times bigger than Hitler’s WW II. The second one is Pfizer. You guys can sue me for sure.

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