“Freedom of Speech”—Another shameless reason for brainwashing


August 1st, Yan even showed her face for the so-called “Idle Chat” live streaming with Wang. They continue to daydream and wave the banner as if it is a tiger skin, like a fox uses the tiger’s power. Facing the voice of millions of members of Whistleblower’s Movement trying to extinguish the sound of Wang, Wang asked Yan to step in and help, But Wang’s YouTube channel and its influence has fallen dramatically and obviously; their ending is approaching!

In the fighting against Yan-Wang Gang, we, members of Whistleblower’s Movement, should clearly realize that this is not a question of disallowing different voices or opinions, let alone the problem of freedom of speech. It is a war to destroy the CCP that is the most difficult one in the human history. They quote “freedom of speech” as an excuse for them to provide a convenient place for the CCP’s public opinion warfare and brainwashing propaganda. Their freedom of speech is a completely different concept from the political rights of freedom of speech enjoyed by citizens! It is an indisputable fact that the CCP itself has built a strict firewall, conducted strict censorship of public opinion in China, and infiltrated mainstream media and social media in the West for public opinion control. When Wang and Yan, the CCP’s opinion exporting machines and lackeys, are lying, reversing black and white, referring to deer as horses, and using filthy language in the media without any scruples, how do they deserve freedom of speech?!

Four years into Whistleblower’s Movement, why aren’t the voices of Mr. Guo and millions of participants allowed to exist or spread? Why has social media been silencing and shutting us down?! Who has given us the space for freedom of speech at this time? Who has defended our rights to free speech? And who is behind the scenes trying to choke us and keep us from speaking out! When Whistleblower’s Movement Participants are fighting in social media by spreading the truth about Mr. Guo’s expose, the truth about the Covid-19, and the truth about Hong Kong movement, tens of thousands of our social media accounts have been permanently cancelled and silenced millions of times! But we will not give in, nor will we be defeated. We were, we are, we will be here to fight against the CCP. We know that the enemy we face is the evil CCP and its bought-in Western accomplices, who own billions of slaves, inexhaustible money, powerful national violent machines; and we also know that this is the most arduous war; it is a war of life and death, and a war of justice and faith. Therefore, there can be no middle place, nor compromise! 

Consequently, we must defeat Yan-Wang Gang completely, not allowing a glimpse of hesitation! The closer the CCP comes to an end, the crazier it will be, especially when our G-series make millions of participants of Whistleblower’s Movement towards affluence. When the G-series voice platform is expanding rapidly, the CCP and its lackeys can stop nothing by destroying, blocking, slandering, and dividing! Because they are extremely afraid inside themselves. They know we, participants of Whistleblower’s Movement, will establish a strong financial power and a media platform to spread truth; these are the most direct, deadly, and efficient destruction of their slavery system. Then everything they have will go up in smoke and ashes.

Hence, the CCP public opinion exporting machines and hypocrites are now shouting and advocating about freedom of speech; but our extermination of the sound of Yan-Wang Gang are not the same thing at all! The war that millions of participants of the Whistleblower’s Movement are now fighting is a war for freedom for the Chinese, and of course, for their freedom of speech! Only when the CCP is eliminated, can the flower of freedom bloom on the soil of China!!!

(All views expressed in the article belong to the author and do not represent any organization, committee or other individuals. )

【Editor】Mi John