Early trauma in childhood whether the trauma was physical abuse, emotional abuse such as neglect, or verbal abuse , humiliation, horror, especially if left untreated, can wreak havoc in adulthood. Therefore, the child’s experience before the age of 13 is extremely important for the shaping of his character.

Let’s have a look at the childhood memory of Xi Jingping, the CCP’s General Secretary. As per Miles Guo, who had very close relation to Xi and his family before he started the Whistleblower Movement in 2017.

All his memories are the Cultural Revolution. Because his father was overthrown as a capitalist follower, he experienced the inhuman experience of the Cultural Revolution, such as

Probably all his life has not exceeded such memory.

Being a key official to determining the fate of a country, it is his personality that play the fatal rule. Just like today’s Emperor Xi jinping and Wang Qishan, these people have a common so-called characteristic in their personalities, that is, they have suffered severe mental trauma or shock during childhood, especially critical period of growth, which molded their personality. In the development due to some influence, that personality has been solidified, or even become pervert.

Psychologically, it is called the “Childhood trauma recovery”, that is, when he encounters anything good or bad, he immediately returns to that period of memory to make the judgment, and even emotionally affected. The typical characteristics of such people are: stubborn, persistent, arrogant, greedy, cruel, and tyrannical. Once such person has power in hand, they would listen to no one and basically either destroy themselves, or  kill others, such as Hitler and Xi’s character possesses all these vices of human nature.

Then let’s see how Xi has dealt with the floods in Henan. A few days before the flood when  experts from the Academy of Social Sciences reported to Xi that there would be a large-scale death in Henan.

 Xi asked: How many people will die in the worst case?

The answer is: probably more than one million.

Xi hesitated and thought for a while, then said: It can’t reach ten million, right?

Answer: that won’t be the case with ten million death, yet it will probably be 1 to 3 million deaths, and there may be an epidemic of virus aftermath, which can also cause food problems.

Xi Jinping immediately made a decisive decision to purchase grain from the US, and buy it now immediately. He said the Chinese people will get ready to tighten their belts. Then, he asked: if both these two situations really happen, how many people will die?

Answer: There will be another several millions.

Xi Jinping nodded and said: That’s not too bad, it’s controllable!

It has been the same reaction Xi did to the bioweapon released to the world as it’s controllable for him. Since the CCP has become the Frankenstein as the world 2nd largest economic body, the pervert personalities of Emperor Xi and his deputy Wang qishan would not only determine the fate of China, but the world.

Reference information from live broadcast of Miles Guo August 1st: www.youtube.com