Aug 3, 2021 HKT

On July 29, 2020, the National Security Department of the Hong Kong Police Force arrested several members of Student Localism, a pro-democracy student organization in Hong Kong, including the group’s convenor #TonyChung Hon-lam and spokesperson, #YanniHo Yan-nok on suspicion of “inciting secession”.

A year later, Chung was still in custody, although Ho was released unconditionally in early 2021 and her passport was returned to her.

Ho left Hong Kong subsequently for the US and expressed her thoughts on social media.

Ho wrote that although a year has passed, she could still recall clearly the moment when she was arrested by the National Security Police. The shock and fear lingered in her mind.

She was only 17 years old and was stunned by the arrest. It has never come across to her that she could be among the first arrestees by National Security Police and she was not mentally prepared.

Ho said that she is now residing in the US, a land of freedom. Despite that, she could not distance herself from the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, especially when knowing that her friends are facing national security charges and unpredictable sentences.

Ho wrote, “I’ve lost too much last year. Many of my friends have been detained, imprisoned, and in exile. I, indeed, regret not spending more time with them when we were still free.”

Source: Daily Record