1. Things conducive to taking down the CCP
    On the matter of taking down the CCP, we need to be effective and pragmatic. Whoever helps take down the CCP will get our support, and there is no threshold.
  2. Refusing to attend a meeting in Washington
    The US government invited Mr. Guo to attend a meeting with Dalai Lama, who will visit the US soon, but Mr Guo rejected the invitation. Whistleblower has one clear goal: take down the CCP. General Michael Flynn will stand with Whistleblower and the New Federal State of China forever.
  3. China’s finances will collapse
    Xu Jiayin’s Evergrande Group, Lu Zhiqiang’s China Oceanwide, CMBC, Oriental Group, BOB, Shengjing Bank, CMB, Guangdong Holdings Ltd., Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Real Estate & Properties (Group) Co., Ltd. and R&F Properties will reach its end very soon. The banks in Zhejiang and Jiangsu will come to its end too.
  4. Sara is fined USD 10 million
    She embezzled the investments of our buddies and so her deception will put her in jail in the USA for the rest of her life, sharing the same end as Xia Yeliang and Guo Baosheng.
  5. Heroic Scientists who will blow whistle are in Europe now
    The real heroic scientists are now under the military protection of Europe. When they come out and share, we will all see authentic evidence and their merits: HCQ plus zinc is an effective way to prevent and cure the CCP virus; Vaccination is digging a grave for yourself. These scientists will reveal more about the treatment later.
  6. Harvest in 3 months
    Stay tuned for
    (1) G-series
    (2) the progress of taking down the CCP by disclosing the truth about the virus
    (3) the retreat of all China Concept stocks
    (4) the CCP’s attack on Taiwan, but within 24 hours after the start of the war, the New Federal State of China will take over the reign of China from the hand of the CCP, and will announce the independence of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Tibet; the country will be open to elites from around the world to together manage the nation. 51% will be taken up by locals and 49% international elites.
  7. To clear the “dirt” in Whistleblower in 75 days
    Once found out to be related and have colluded with the CCP, the person will be immediately disqualified from investing in the G-series. There were 460 lurkers and 90 of them have quitted. We will have eliminated bad guys who will contaminate the New Federal State of China in 75 days. Spitting out the dirt and including new blood is just normal metabolism.
  8. The world’s future economy
    (1) The price of oil in the future will not exceed USD 30.
    (2) All currencies, including USD will greatly depreciate and will need about 10 years for adjustment. The one that will stand is digital currency.
    (3) How the human history develops depends on if the CCP still exists.
  9. The deadline set for “Whistleblower police” to destroy Whistleblower is September 20, but its leader will be arrested like Sun Lijun.

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