As Miles said in late June, the CCP will unleash the virus again sometime between summer and fall.

Today’s interview with our fellow fighter Changhai Piao on GTV’s “Real People Real Stories” is terrific. Piao is truly honest and natural. Everything he said was from the heart.

Like other WM fellow fighters’ families, Miles’ relatives in Communist China also did not take his advice and were vaccinated.

Limeng Goblin Yan and Liar Lude (Wang Dinggang) haven’t left Connecticut yet. Soon there will probably be some more fellow W.M. fighters to go protest where they live.

It’s really heartbroken by watching the video clips from Zhengzhou. 

According to the records, there were only about 30,000 police officers in Hong Kong. Would you believe they can arrest more than 30,000 people?

After the Yan-Wang incident, there is a large number of people joining the W.M. 

Doing bad things with a sense of shame is not yet too bad. But doing bad things and still feeling right, that’s the worst.

The E.U. said yesterday that the E.U. will always be much closer to the White House than it is to the CCP.

Tomorrow Miles will have a broadcast on GTV, probably starting at 9 a.m. EST, for about three or four hours.