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[Epoch Times, July 28, 2021] U.S. President Biden warned on Tuesday (July 27) that if the United States finally had a “real war” with a “big power” (real shooting war), that may be the result of a major cyber attack.

Recently, Chinese and Russian hackers have repeatedly launched large-scale cyber attacks on American companies or entities. Well-known hacked targets include: Microsoft, network management company SolarWinds, Colonial Pipeline, the largest fuel pipeline company in the United States, meat processing giant JBS, and software company Kaseya.

These attacks have further affected small and medium-sized enterprises, and even interrupted the supply of fuel and food in some areas, causing incalculable huge losses.

On Tuesday, Biden delivered a half-hour speech during a visit to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). He said: “We have seen that, including ransomware attacks, cyber threats can increasingly cause damage and destruction to the real world.”

Biden warned: “I think that if we end up in a war, a real battle with a major power, it will be caused by a major cyber attack, and its capabilities are multiplying.”

When Biden met with Russian President Putin in June of this year, he made it clear to Putin that if a cyber attack on critical U.S. infrastructure, including water and energy, is an act of “cross-border”, the United States will surely respond.

According to a Reuters report, the White House stated that since then, top national security officials from the Biden team have been in contact with senior members of the Kremlin regarding cyber attacks against the United States.

In his speech, Biden also emphasized the threat posed by the CCP. He mentioned that the Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping “is very eager to become the world’s most powerful military force and the world’s largest and most prominent economy in the mid-2040s.”

He said that compared with 20 years ago, the threats are now more scattered. The United States must always be vigilant and must pay attention to the destruction of democracy by false information.

“I think we still need to deal with the increasingly rampant false information, which makes it more and more difficult for people to assess the facts and make decisions.” Biden said that authoritarian countries such as Russia are preparing to interfere with the 2022 election. He said: ” This is purely an infringement of our sovereignty.”

He also emphasized that in order to maintain its technological superiority, the United States must strengthen the development of science and technology and work closely with its democratic allies.

“When competing with China and other countries in the future of the 21st century, we must stand at the forefront of science and technology,” Biden said. “We must work closely with our partners and allies to maintain our technological advantages; to consolidate them. Supply chain; ensuring that the rules governing technology support democracies, not autocratic countries.”

Comments: This is a crucial time for human history. Democracy cannot survive if the politicians are weak and keep on colluding with dictator regime CCP for their own interests. Democratic countries should always have long-term vision and be united, which is the solid assurance for prosperity and safety for the whole world.

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