Written by Christine(牛小妹)

From: Reuters

Today, Mr. Miles Guo made a very important talk to the followers in New Federal State of China that all the videos about the personal information of President Biden and Hunter Biden reported by GTV and Gnews would be deleted .

“Since President Biden won the presidency ,he did great job in anti-CCP,dealing with the territorial disputes in the South China Sea,finding the truth of the CCP virus and supporting the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China. ” said Miles Guo.

Miles Guo emphasized that President Biden endeavors much more than the former President Trump. President Biden takes account of the interest of America,American people and the safety of entire human lives in the world.”We pay our respects to President Biden and the Democratic Party.”said Miles Guo.

Miles Guo stated,“The ones who are anti-CCP are our friends .We will delete all the videos about the private life of Hunter Biden.We learned from the inside news that CCP has bristled at American criticism on issues from human rights to its territorial ambitions.Those whom the CCP dislike are our truly friends.The New Federal State of China and the Whistleblower Movement would never be involved in the domestic affairs of America.”

The futher step we should take is to invite the movers and shakers in the Democratic Party to join our G series and monitor at administrative level.We will stick together and end the evil CCP by rule of the law. From the end of 2021 to 2022,We will introduce a series of legislation that make the CCP unable to collude with anyone. Those who participate in the Operation of Fox Hunt will be sentenced to death. We will urge the CCP to follow the rule of the law.

As we all know,President Biden achieves a great success against the Operation of Fox Hunt, in helping defend Taiwan against China and the effort to resolve the dispute in South China Sea.He also strengthens U.S.- Japan alliance and assures the world’s oil supply passing through the Strait of Hormuz.He develops great political strategy to gain an advantage in the conflicts in South Africa.President Biden also obtains an achievement in fighting against the countries of the Axis of evil including China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and Iraq. He strives to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.And of course, he confirmed privately the exact origin of the CCP virus in the G7 summit and assured the safety of the Whistleblower in Europe.

“We are very thankful to President Biden for what he has done for the New Federal State of China and the Whistleblower Movement.Those who are the members of the New Federal State of China should follow my decision to delete all personal information of President Biden and his family.”said Miles Guo very definitely.