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“Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou, digging ditches every day, it’s not Zhengzhou if there’s no digging in a single day.”” I understood this helpless self-deprecating of local people when I visited Zhengzhou in 2016.  The Capital city of Henan province, Zhengzhou is located in the centre of China and it has been historically referred as Central Plains, has a permanent population of 12.601 million, ranking 10th among cities in the country.  I had a very brief stay in Zhengzhou, yet my impression of the city is never blurred in my memory that the entire city is virtually nothing but a huge construction site.

As a pilot city for the “sponge city” in Henan Province, Zhengzhou has been under construction for nearly five years.

According to the “Flood Control Standards” (GB50201-2014) issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, in urban protection zones, areas with a permanent population of 1.5 million or more and an equivalent economic scale of 3 million or more belong to the first level of protection, which means the recurrence period for protection will last for 200 years at least. Zhengzhou falls to this type of protection level.

As a pilot city for the “sponge city” in Henan Province, the “Special Plan for Sponge City in Zhengzhou (2017~2030)” was released in 2017. In terms of water safety, the standard is:

On January 16, 2018, Zhengzhou made it officially publicity that:

According to Wikipedia, the “sponge city” is a metaphor, a new type of city model that has the functions of preventing floods and waterlogging in the city and has ecological and environmental protection functions. “Squeeze out” the collected rainwater for use. Generally speaking, the sponge city has six measures, such as “infiltration, retention, storage, purification, utilization, and drainage”.

The term “sponge city” was first proposed by scholars in mainland China. In fact, just like the series of rhetoric invented by Chinese Communist Party(CCP), it’s so called “socialism with Chinese characteristics” = capitalism, this “sponge city” = the best excuse for corruption of infrastructure funds. That’s why “Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou, dig trenches every day,” every time they dig the ground, a lot of money would  go into the pockets of the officials. Therefore, the CCP’s “Bean-curd Residue Project” is the inevitable result as the projects would be subcontracted many times in order for as many involved as possible to share a slice of the cake.  

The torrential rainstorms that wreak havoc to Zhengzhou is in fact the scapegoat for CCP to shed their criminal conduct. As per the verified information obtained by Miles Guo of Whistleblower Movement,  the top officials of Zhengzhou had a meeting before the rain to discuss the measures for the forecasted heavy rainfall. After the meeting, all of those officials went to the best hotel for naps accompanied with enjoyment of sex service.

During the night of July 19th, four reservoirs upstream discharged water with little warning as it is the CCP’s practise consent:  to alarm the people of the discharge of water in advance means that the government couldn’t avoid to pay the vast compensation to the affected people and to discharge the water without notice is intending to evade the responsibility the CCP’s as well as to blame  the nature for the havoc. But the question is, even if it were a natural disaster, could it be that a government has no any responsibility for its people?

Not only CCP indirectly caused the flood, left millions to face the horrible aftermath, especially left the people in despair for their loved ones killed. For a city of more than one million people, CCP only dispatched about a hundred people for rescue work, but sent troops and countess trucks to the sites of JingGuang Tunnel and subway No.5 with heavy cordons and barriers. For what? It was learnt that by July 23th, some of 1000 people survived the drown from either the Tunnel or subway have been arrested because they posted on WeChat or online asking for help to rescue their families who were still inside the tunnel or subway, with pictures, or videos or their own escape stories.

If many of the Chinese people had been the well brain-washed pro-CCP fanatics, Henan flood tragedy “Made in CCP China” would surely wake them up to the true nature of the CCP: the Party that has conducted the crime of anti-humanity one after another for more than 70 years.