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Zhu Shunzhong

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On July 26, Beijing time, Henan-born media person Zhu Shunzhong – who has been working in Zhengzhou for a long time – released an article expressing his great dissatisfaction with the Zhengzhou Municipal Committee and Municipal Government. He even “bluntly requested” the Central Committee of Communist China to change the main leaders of Zhengzhou.

Zhu Shunzhong wrote that for the flood, “The main officials of Zhengzhou City have continuously made fatally wrong work arrangements. The Zhengzhou people felt greatly disappointed at their terrible incompetence”. He emphasized that “the main officials of Zhengzhou City owe an explanation for the people and the deceased, otherwise the people’s anger will not be appeased, and the spirits of the deceased will not rest in peace.”

After the article was published on a WeChat public account, it quickly received more than 100,000 likes, but soon the article was taken down by Tencent under the “violation” accusation.


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