Author/Picture Design: Giselle

Translation: Una

1. Some people said that Xi Jinping is very “two (in Chinese language it has the meaning of fool)”, the floods in Henan and the corpses are everywhere, but this guy went to Tibet to be a “living Buddha”, as if Henan disaster had nothing to do with him…

——I can tell everyone responsibly that Xi Jinping is not a “two”, he is a “four (double two, double fool)”: Except for 2, it is still 2; minus 2, there is 2 left…

2. According to the “Roadside Agency” report, some “patriotic people”, especially in Zhengzhou city, blocked interviews by reporters from Deutsche Welle, CNN, BBC, and Australian Broadcasting Corporation in the street during the Henan floods. Not only did they obstruct them, they also accused them of demonizing China, “selective reporting”, etc., and even asked them to show their cameras to see what they have shoot.

——This wave of “patriotic masses” is the “pig” teammates who come to help CCP on the contrary way!

Regarding internal and foreign propaganda, the CCP’s approach is usually to take care of the reporters, first serve them with delicious foods and drinks, and then accompany them to the designated place, take designated photos, interview designated objects, and then send some souvenirs (values depend on the situation), finally the press release has already been written for them.

Where can there be conflicts? They are all a big happy family!

3. Why are the athletes from Europe, America and Australia all handsome men and women with beautiful bodies and bright smiles? And the CCP’s athletes, all kinds of…?

——There is no result without comparison;

Or else how can we know what a man-like female looks like in the CCP…

4. Xi Jinping went to Tibet and received the highest level of reception in Tibet’s history. The people worshipped and knelt down, like him is a “living Buddha”… The entourage, however, was like facing big enemy. Why?

——The scene is too awkward, just like a zombie film! There are a bunch of silly people who are ready to pounce on to block bullets at any time. Since he is the same as the living Buddha, why is he still so scared? Afraid of assassination? Who dares to kill the living Buddha? Except for the CCP!

5. Floating corpses are all over the Henan city, why do people’s soldiers lie on the road and pretend to sleep on a rainy day? Even can’t wake up in heavy rain…

——To tell you the truth, I am also confused. Millions of disaster-stricken people are struggling to survive in the flood, but this group of fools just laying on the road…

Is this performance art?

Protest against heavy rain? Even if it rains heavily, they have to lie down? Can’t wake up?

6. Henan, with a population of nearly 100 million on the side of the Yellow River, has been flooded for many days, why can’t  see the lifeboats and rescue teams?

——Actually, everyone is busy:

Soldiers are busy destroying dead bodies;

Officials are busy with “bad phone call signal”;

The media are busy commending heroes;

The police are busy knocking on the door to intimidate;

The normal citizens are busy finding a way to survive…

7. How many compatriots’ lives can be exchanged for the awakening of a nation?

——good question!

A peddler died, Ben Ali, the Tunisian dictator, stepped down.

Tunisia has a population of 11.69 million and CCP has a population of 1.4 billion.

If calculated according to this ratio, 119 people need to die.

In fact, hundreds of millions of people have been died from tyranny under the control of CCP’s 71 years.

Has the CCP collapsed? No.

To get rid of the cowardice and selfishness at the bottom of heart, we can only start with education… It really has nothing to do with  the numbers of died people…

(The content of the article only represents the author’s personal views)