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As China official news reported, until July 23th,12 o’clock, long-term heavy rain climate had caused huge disaster in Zhengzhou, Xinxiang, and Hebi and other cities in Henan. This huge flood had caused huge damage to the people’s lives and wealth safety in Henan. According to initial statics, it had urgently transferred people more than 1.1378 million, and the square of agriculture were affected about 876,600 hectares, and economics loss had arrived 65 billions, and the flood and secondary disaster had caused 63 lives dead, but the lives dead of course was far more than 63, it may had more than 10 thousand lives dead.

We can see the Zhengzhou and Xinxiang Flood was man-made disaster, which were because of the reasons as below.

First, the government actually did not implement school and work suspension and traffic control from climate department.

From July 19th 21:00 to July 20th 16:00, the director of Zhengzhou Meteorological Bureau Kexing Li(李柯星) had signed five published files about the red rain storm in 3 hours to inform the government to take the implement about school and work suspension and traffic control. Besides, the Henan Meteorological Observatory also had published five files about red rain storm to inform the government to strengthen prevention.

If not because of the political struggle from Chinese Communist Party(CCP), this huge disaster should be avoided. The Secretary of Henan Provincial Committee and Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee were assigned by Xi Jinping, the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party. Many of the officials from another side which were against Xi Jinping, possibly from Jiang Zeming and Wang Qishan, so they refused to do the suspension and traffic control.

Second, the government did the reservoir flood release before the rain storm.

According the climate record in July 20th in Zhengzhou, the rain arrived the rainy peak at July 20th, 17:00. But the Changzhuan(常庄) reservoir started to release flood at 10:30am in July 20th according to the command from provincial and municipal flood control without noticing the Zhengzhou citizens ahead of time. Thus causing the water pouring into the Zhengzhou subway in the afternoon at about 4:00pm. We can see it from the two phenomenon that the water were full of sands and yellow and dirty and the water were suddenly poured up from the ground.

Third, the poor emergency mechanism and city infrastructure were also another reason for the disaster.

Because of long-term corruption in the government, they didn’t had the ability to respond the emergencies, and the funding had been always took to feed the mistress of the officials. So the city’s drainage system is very weak, and the emergency supply in stock is very few. Neither not to mention the lazy administration of officials. It is even more vulnerable to the so-called “once-in-a-millennium” rainfall.

In conclusion, the flood was a man-made disaster because the political struggle between the internal CCP and long-term corruption in CCP. We, the Whistleblower Movement is the first to disclose the truth about Henan flood in Zhengzhou, Xinxiang, Hebi and so on. The CCP now had blocked many speeches about the flood. But they cannot stop the people’s faith in the pursuit of the truth, maybe some of truth had been closed, and thus in the future no one can remember it. But as a person, we will try out best to pursuit the truth.