Translator: 筑基谈笑间 Editor:Summer

Continuous storms and upstream flood discharges, in Zhengzhou China, have caused some underground tunnels in the Zhengzhou Section of the Beijing-Guangzhou Expressway to be flooded. As the flood flushed into the city’s highway tunnel within just a few minutes, most people were trapped inside the vehicles in the tunnel.

As the local government did not send timely warnings or take emergency rescues, a large number of casualties are expected. After the flood subsided on July 22, many large-scale draining machineries were sent to the tunnel to drain the water. Some section is as long as four kilometers.

The streets in Zhengzhou after the flood are full of mud and accumulated debris. Parts of the road are still closed. Due to serious water accumulation in road tunnels, rescue vehicles and personnel are still waiting to enter. According to a conservative estimate, there are up to a thousand vehicles trapped inside the tunnel.

Many people in the cars are whole families. At the beginning of flooding inside the tunnel, most people remained hesitant about leaving the car that it became too late to escape just a few minutes later.

According to local sources, the causes of this tragedy are largely rooted in bureaucracy and malpractice rather than natural disasters. Response from the government agencies in charge came delayed, the number of rescuers sent for rescue were far from being sufficient, and even worse, in order to cover up the truth of the disaster, the local government actually shut down the phone network which robbed the victims’ opportunities of calling for help and being rescued.

The last but not least, a major disaster is usually followed by a major epidemic. Residents in Zhengzhou are wise to start active preparation of preventing any aftermath epidemic.