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1.I received many messages from fellow fighters who were concerned about the Zhengzhou floods. The so-called natural disasters of the Chinese Communist Party has caused a lot of deaths. The bodies have begun to decay, and the horror is indescribable. Brother Seven (I) was in Puyang in 1989 and later participated in donations in Beijing. I was imprisoned in the Puyang Qingfeng Detention Center for more than twenty months. My brother was killed. He was shot twice in order to save my wife, and the third brother was also killed in Henan. After I built Yuda Palace, I left Henan in 1997. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP)plundered my assets. I couldn’t contact my families and colleagues in this disaster. Four family members of Mr. Song and Mr. Bi were confirmed dead. Yuda Palace became a legend in Zhengzhou because hardly seen a drop of water enter. Also, all units in Yuda Garden did not leak. Yuda Palace reduced prices and became a sanctuary and Noah’s Ark in the local area. Yuda Palace is waterproof and has an Isopressive external force wall, the second set of power generation equipment and a 24-hour food supply. Buildings like this without cutting corners and materials played a vital role at a critical time. Other so-called big hotels like Shangri-La are all out of operation. Our employees have also been found one by one.

2.There have also been significant developments inside the CCP. Xi Jinping has two close secretaries in Henan. Fellow fighters in Zhengzhou Municipal Government said that the natural disaster became a political struggle. Phone calls from official personnel deployed by Xi Jingping will be ignored in the excuse of a bad signal. The deputy secretary-general of Henan Province asked the food company for supplies and said that only 20,000 people died. The food company ask him to get support from Xi Jinping. Previously, there was said to be 3.1 million people affected, and 50,000 people died. The two secretaries asked to verify the number again, and the result turned out to be 3,000 death. Because if there are more than 5,000 people (died), the two secretaries will be removed from office. Li Keqiang wanted to answer questions, but the microphone got problems, and he been told the microphone problems were on the Henan side.  Because no one down there would like to answer his questions. Dictatorial government must be fraudulent and show the ugliness of human nature in the face of the truth. They want to compare who has great power and everyone wishes he or she will be the lucky one. This is the reason why we need a government elected by one person, one vote. Henan cadres said that do whatever the Party asks us to do and further make this event the pride of Henan. Henan has a large population of 100 million. In this 17 hours from the beginning of this disaster, no more than 500 people came out to rescueHenan with 100 million people.They completely shut down network of China Mobile. But all the China Unicom’s phone numbers allocated to Henan Provincial Patry Committee Government had no issues. This is a man-made disaster.They try to seal people’s mouths, treat the people’s money and food as a certificate for promotion. while here are people dying and the bodies are not found yet, The CCP has made the decision on behalf of the family of the deceased. And you have to thank the Party for the death of your family members.

3.Any government must rescue the people in the face of disaster, this is their responsibility. Thirty years ago, Henan and Shandong had the most power in the flood control headquarters. Today, the assault boats that should have saved people went to save the officials’ families. People underground waterways were all smothered. The hospitals were unable to save people, and no one went to collect the dead bodies. The construction requirements of the hospital are much higher than those of the hotel. Normally, two power generation systems are required. However, several major hospitals have been shut down. In contrast, our four spare electricity generators in Yuda are in full operation. What the government is doing now is not to save people but to do a good job of propaganda. Now there must be tens of thousands of deaths.

4. This nation and country will not have any hope if the CCP is still in existence. My feelings for Zhengzhou are too deep. I was in tears when I heard what my friends and families are going through in Henan. My wife asked Yuda to donate money and materials. Our past donation of Yuda was hundreds of millions. My wife did not know that we cannot move any penny from Yuda anymore; only the task force and the police can do it. She didn’t let me scold Wang Dinggang and the snake demon (Yan Limeng).She was too kind and didn’t know human hearts are unpredictable. The only Yuda in Henan, but now the Communist Party makes it impossible to donate money. Now officials are cheating that the signals were bad and did nothing in the face of disasters. To ask enterprises to donate for tax exemption, the premise is to speak openly for the party, and there are no Hong Kong and Taiwan businessmen donations.

5.The CCP gloats when it sees the people dying overseas, now that a disaster has hit their head. How does your great party respond to disasters? The whole of China is watching Xi Jinping’s jokes, but it is the cost of the people’s lives. The whole of China was kidnapped by Xi Jinping alone. Looking at the floods in Europe, how many people are helping with relief. The Zhengzhou floods are thousands of times more severe than them, and there is no one to help. This is the truth and fact. The political ignorance of the entire Chinese people and the lack of distinction between good and evil did not recognize the disaster brought about by the Communist dictatorship. The damage caused by the secondary disaster exceeded the flood itself. I am a non-Henanese and built the best Yuda Palace in Henan. Henan People can be fooled but will be unstoppable once they wake up.

6.A whole village (people) by the Yellow River was all dead. The CCP ordered that such a village must be turned into a dumb village.No truth can be told to the outside world. The CCP use tactics to turn journalists, who went to cover the story, into their mouthpiece; just like what they did in the AIDS village, the CCP has not progressed in the past few decades, only evil. Lives and families disappear instantly, and the kind of tragedy is heartbreaking. Zhengzhou Meteorological Observatory had an early warning, but the provincial party committee did not even have basic preventive and rescue measures. The CCP that wants to lead the world does not have basic rescue measures. They are studying how to dispose of corpses. The crematorium is no longer operational, and it is studying whether bodies can be burned on the spot. The stench of corpses will permeate the whole of Zhengzhou tomorrow. This is the CCP that is more prosperous than a father and a mother. Apart from the corrupt officials who are parachuted without any education and infrastructure, it is worse than even Africa, and the people must continue to sing the praises of the Communist Party. The ordinary people (Lao Bai Xing) are now without food and water and are facing a post-flood epidemic. 

7. There isn’t even basic drinking water, and there is no decent rescue team in Zhengzhou. This humanitarian disaster, the secondary disaster caused by the flood, has only just begun. The tragedy has happened, and the tragedy will continue as long as the Communist Party is still alive, everyone will be a victim. The people who followed the Whistleblowers’ Movement are only a tiny part of the population, and you will pay the price if you continue to believe in the CCP. The complete elimination of the CCP is a must for human security and justice. Look at the reaction of overseas and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to this. How many people have been killed by the CCP? Be grateful that we are still alive now; we must be beneficial to others and hope that we can live safely and decently. Otherwise, the next disaster will be ourselves. Cherish it! We must make sure that what we are sending out is true on GTV and GNEWS.

8. I will be broadcasting at any time. Brothers and sisters in Zhengzhou, the Whistleblowers’ Movement will be with you. We need a comprehensive and planned donation relief plan, and we need action, not eye-catching. Those who take advantage of the dead people will not die well. The disaster in Zhengzhou will hasten the extinction of the CCP and awaken a third of the Henan people in the CCP’s army.

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