Written by billwilliam

As reported by Phoenix TV on July 22, an excavator driver was criticized for charging fees when he towed cars that broke down during the heavy downpour in Henan Province, China. The driver was slammed for profiteering during a natural disaster.

The excavator driver originally went to tow a friend’s car, whose engine shut down in the flooded street. Then he offered to tow other cars nearby that were also stranded in the flood. He rescued more than a dozen cars during the heavy rain, towing them from the flooded area to a dry area 200 meters away. On average, he charged each car owner 50 RMB (about 7.7 USD) for the towing service.

A female car owner criticized the excavator driver for profiteering and only paid him 30 RMB. The other car owners condemned him for “unconscionable behavior.”

Communist China often brainwashes the Chinese people with a communist ideology that requires the people to make selfless sacrifices for the benefit of the regime. Under such disinformation, some people believe that all services should be provided for free. Even in this case, a communist solution does not work. The excavator driver should be paid to cover fuel and labor costs, or otherwise how can he afford to provide free towing services? Besides, the excavator driver appears to charge a reasonable price, because towing fees in most Western countries are much higher.     

Maybe just because this excavator driver is a normal person so he got criticized and reported to the public but for those hotels during the flood intentionally increase the rate to RMB 3000 per night for a standard room (which is almost 10 times higher than the normal rate), no official news was reported in Communist China.

Reference: Report by Phoenix TV