Written by Ping

Proofread by April on Earth


According to news from 163.com on July 21, Huawei officially announced that due to business development strategy adjustment, ” Cloud Computer” will stop service and operation at 23:59 Beijing time on August 15, 2021, and such APP will not be available since that time.

It is said when the service stops the data will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

A little earlier, the “Could Computer “App had already been off-shelf from the Huawei App Market. The Huawei Cloud Computer was released in 2018. As users, by logging into the Huawei Cloud Computer App, their mobile phones and tablets can be turned into a Windows “computer”, so as to use the cloud host’s Windows system to run PC programs and complete tasks that cannot be handled by an Android system.

Since last year Huawei has been sanctioned by the US due to its special relationship with the CCP and it is proved that all the key technologies of Huawei are copied from the US who decided to put Huawei on the black list banning its purchase of any technology and equipment from the US companies. Since then it means Huawei has been already sentenced to death. A company without any innovation capability, all the products and services will eventually be proved to be useless to the customers. As you may have heard that the only way left for Huawei to survive could be running pig farms in CCP China now.