Written by: Potato

Proofread by: April on Earth

According to a report from CCP media “Guanchazhe” on July 21, 2021, Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul once again speculated during a congressional hearing that the National Institutes of Health, for which Fauci works, funded “gain of function” research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and asked Fauci if he still supports NIH funding for that laboratory. Paul was implying that Fauci is lying.

While this CCP media interpreted that Rand Paul is attempting to hype a conspiracy theory by suggesting that the CCP virus come from a Chinese lab. By using Fauci’s words” you’re the one lying about Wuhan!”, CCP media mislead Chinese people again that they are always on the innocent side.

This kind of fake news is to deceive the people in China. The fact is that when confronted with the sufficient evidence presented by Senator Rand Paul that the CCP used “gain of function” in its Wuhan lab to create a virus that does not exist in nature and can be transmitted from person to person. Fauci still argues and rejects the facts. Fauci, You’re a demon.