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As reported by the Hongkong newspaper Mingpao, Chairman Xi Jinping has replaced the head of the Central Protection Bureau (China’s Secret Service). Major General Zhou Hongxu is appointed as the new director of this security agency.

Major General Zhou used to be the Army Deputy Chief of Staff of the PLA’s Northern Theater. He will work closely with deputy director Chen Denglv, who was a commissar of the 91st Division of the 31st Army and was promoted in November last year. Bother Zhou and Chen are outsiders of the Central Protection Bureau. Chairman Xi probably appointed outsiders to lead the bureau because most insiders of the bureau are somewhat affiliated with rival factions like Jiang Zemin.

Since his ascendency to power, Chairman Xi has purged the Central Protection Bureau several times. Many untrusted former leaders of the bureau were replaced by Xi’s allies. Lieutenant General Wang Shaojun, former bureau director and Zhou’s predecessor, has stepped down.

The power struggle among rival factions in the CCP has intensified over the past few months. Yang Xiong, the former mayor of Shanghai and a close ally of Jiang Zemin, died of heart attack this year. Yang was rumored to be assassinated. In addition, Dong Hong, the right-hand man of Vice Chairman Wang Qishan, was arrested on charges of corruption. Also, according to Mr. Miles Guo’s whistleblowing, Tian Yuxi, a childhood friend and ally of Xi Jinping, was arrested this May for corruption. Tian Yuxi was the former Deputy Chief Justice of Beijing’s 2nd Intermediate People’s Court.

Powerful factions within the CCP try to snipe key members of rival factions by assassination or by arrests with criminal charges. No wonder Chairman Xi replaced the head of China’s Secret Service to secure his grip on power.   


Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcast on July 18, 2021 about infighting in the CCP

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