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Now “Wang(亡) Ding(腚) Gang(缸)” and “Yan LiMeng”  have been totally removed from Whistleblower Movement. Let me do some analysis about them and the cheater Lawrence Sellin.

1. who has to survive with the help of the wife’s family. And not only he owed a lot of commercial debts,  also he had affairs with a couple of mistresses during the first marriage. As per the firm information, he has 3 sons out of marriage. He even sent two of them and their parents to Japan fostered by the members of New Federal State of China. He claimed himself to be the boss in one company in GuangZhou, actually he was running as boss for his father-in-law. His world was full of betrayal and lies and no wonder he was buyout by the CCP’s overseas operation to overthrow the New Federal State of China.

2. Yan limeng obtained the nick nake as Snake demon Yan because of her character exactly reflected the snake in < Aesop’s Fables>. In her life, she advanced each stage of life through sexual bribery and the same way she got to work in PLA medical hospital and later to P3 in Hong Kong University. Snake Demon Yan has used her body disgracefully in her path of career, including adultery with Wang dinggang to become popular as a hero fighter of Whistleblower movement.

The fame made her feel that she was the number one to be thankful in exposing the truth of Virus. Wang Ding Gang was son-in-law living off his wife’s family in his first marriage,which was traditionally regarded as the humiliation to a man Actually she is nothing but an opportunist. And unfortunately she got crazy and started attack the whistleblower movement as a pawn of the CCP .

3. Then let talk about the cheater Lawrence Sellin. As a cheater, he’d face the court charge in America, so he hides in a country in Europe till now. No American communicated with him because of all of his evidenced crimes.

Now Wang DingGang and Snake Demon Yan, Dr Mo, AiLi, Dr Bo, who regards any foreigner useful for him as his father, they teamed together to attack Whistleblower Movement as terrorist organization and the followers of the movement, attack G-series. She was greedy and never missed an opportunity to grab money and fame from the whistleblowers movement, which saved her life and made her popular. She used to express gratitude on her interviews to the people in Hong Kong, who not only suffered huge loss financially, also risked their lives to assist he escaping,  but now she started  smearing them viciously openly.

They intended to have Miles Kuo and Whistleblower Movement tarnished or finished in the world so that they can steal the fruit of uncovering the truth about Covid-19, which was CCP lab made, and thus to become one of the most famous people in the world, which means money and famous even after the CCP eradicated. It’s the doctor Vladimir Zelenko and the doctors in China first revealed that Hydroxychloroquine is a useful medicine for Covid-19.but not Snake Demon Yan.

In June 2019 , Miles Kuo said that CCP would use bioweapons to suppress HK protesting. The three reports about Covid-19 were not wrote by herself, actually it was written by Doctor Kang, Doctor Guan and more than 10 followers from Whistleblower Movement with the support of Rule of Law Society & Rule of Law Foundation.

We hope these take-aways would help people to see the real face the of these losers Wang DinGang, Snake Demon Yan and rogue doctoral group in Lude Media. Whistleblower Movement will continue to offer a lot of good programs through GTV and Youtube. The people in America trust evidence and truth. The Whistleblower Movement is taking legal actions against these cheaters because hey must be punished.