Written by Ya Zhi Translated by billwilliam

According to Taiwan’s United Daily News, a US military C-130 transport aircraft landed at Taoyuan Airport at 12:14 at noon on July 19 and was parked on Terminal 615. During the period, the ground crew unloaded cargoes wooden boxes and loaded red canvas bags onto the aircraft, the contents being unknown.

Previously, Wu Qian, a spokesman of Communist China’s Defense Ministry, gave the following response to the landing of a US military transport aircraft in Taiwan on July 15: Taiwan is a sacred and inalienable part of China’s territory. Any foreign military aircraft must get permission from the PRC government before landing on our territory. Any foreign vessel or aircraft trespassing into our airspace will trigger serious consequences.

The Chinese Communist Party has always threatened to invade Taiwan once US military aircraft land on the island. However, the CCP has exercised restraint in the recent landings of US aircraft. The “warrior wolf” rhetoric is only domestic propaganda. The US has repeatedly tested and broken the CCP’s redline, but where is the real red line? The CCP itself probably doesn’t know. The CCP has always acted by the logic of bullying: the strong can do whatever they want, and the weak must be trampled down. Considering Xi Jinping’s threats to Taiwan at the CCP’s Centennial and considering Mr. Miles Guo’s warning that the CCP will release biological and chemical weapons in late summer or early autumn, the CCP will probably invade Taiwan at this time when the US and the EU are too devastated by the pandemic to respond to international affairs. Our fellows in Taiwan must beware.