Written by: Ping

Proofread by: April on Earth

中国著名农民企业家孙大午(资料图片) © 维基百科

“There used to be windows in the place he was ordered to live in, but it’s totally blocked now. Why do they block the windows? I had mental breakdown countless times, and I have asked for a chisel so many times, I’m going to chisel a window on the wall! I clawed the wall with my bare hands, hoping to claw a window out of it. I demand them to open the door, I need wind, I need air! But I got none of these. After my repeated requests, the doctor finally allowed me to take oxygen in the last two days.”

This is the infernal life of Chinese entrepreneur, Dawu Sun, after he was arrested. 

Sun Dawu is one of the few farmer-entrepreneurs in China who has good sense of business. He also likes to participate in political discussions and express his views on the development of the Communist China.

In 2003, Dawu Group of Companies published 《The Construction of a Well-off Society and the Difficulties》 on its website, together with《A Tribute to Li Shenzhi》;《Dialogue between two private businessmen on the current situation and history of China》, the three articles lead to a warning from the police.

Sun Dawu is the founder of Hebei Dawu Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Group,once known as the “top chicken farmer” in China. He resigned as chairman of the company in 2005. Prior to his arrest, he was the chairman of the group’s supervisory board.

Dawu Group is one of the top 500 private enterprises in China, with fixed assets of 2 billion yuan, an annual output value of more than 3 billion yuan, and more than 9,000 employees who enjoy the medical benefits set by Sun Dawu at a monthly fee of only one yuan. Commitment to “the hospital is fully responsible for the patient entering the door”. Engraved on a boulder in front of the outpatient building of the group hospital, his famous words are the big contrast to those shameful hospitals just for making money.

This powerful capitalist in CCP China is just a lamb fattened up for slaughter in front of the power. But once the power is not sheltered, their fate is no better. The downfall of Chinese entrepreneurs shows once again that it is unrealistic to expect those local entrepreneurs not to be corrupt when a regime is decided only by a few families.

Miles Guo said that the Chinese Communist Party must be overthrown in order for Chinese entrepreneurs to have a future.