Author: Da Shan Jimi/Shou Wang Li Ming
Translator: Lish
Proofreader: Janyvo

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When encountering such a despicable incident, fellow fighters would inevitably react emotionally, but we must not be impulsive or start cursing.Those extramarital affairs and scandals aren’t our primary focus. We will focus on the facts and logic to present the whole story to refute those shameless people.

First of all, to smear Guo is obviously a collective attack targeting the Whistleblowers’ Movement. It was “foreign Daddy” Colonel Selin first launched an attack at Mr. Guo, closely followed by Yan, Lu and the so-called doctoral corps. Selin’s accusation that Mr. Guo is a CCP (Chinese Communist Party) spy is not a new topic. What is more absurd is that his accusations are essentially based on material provided by Michael Waller. Waller just lost a lawsuit against Mr. Guo, in which Waller tried desperately to discredit Mr. Guo as a CCP spy who is also trying to misappropriate the donation for his own usage. For that, the judge firmly rejected Waller’s absurd claim.

Interestingly, it was Bruno Wu (吴征)who paid Waller’s legal fees in this lawsuit, a registered Grand Special CCP Agent. Selin adopted the same tactic used by Waller (labelling Mr. Guo as the CCP agent) and when he was questioned, he declared that he didn’t know Bruno Wu. The more he tried to hide, the more he revealed.

Even the so-called “master of intelligence”, Colonel Selin, did not know about the grant agent Bruno Wu, wouldn’t he know that the founder of the New Federal State of China, whom he had just congratulated on June 4th, was Mr. Miles Guo? Why would he support the celebration of the 1st anniversary of the NFSC founded by a CCP spy? Surely, a man touted by Lude as the king of US Special Forces intelligence cannot be that misinformed!

The sudden unified attack involved Selin, Yan Li Meng and LUDE Media. However, behind the entire operation, there must be another influential person playing under the table. Who will be this person? Bruno Wu? It is astounding for Yan Li Meng, Lude, and the doctoral corps to strictly obey the command and swiftly act in a fully coordinated fashion. From the highest praise for the Whistleblowers’ Movement to the most vicious denigration, who are they working for? I think it is not too hard to guess!

The fellow fighters of the Whistleblowers’ Movement were condemned by Selin, Yan Lude and the doctoral corps as the “50 cents” mob and “red guards”, and the NFSC was viciously branded as a “cult”. These guys don’t mention how sinister their own betrayal was, but instead shamelessly insult others for exposing them. For those who betrayed President Trump, the Trump supporters surely would not respond lightly. And in the present case, there is even more reason to call them out. But by no means, President Trump’s supporters would be labelled as the “Red Guards”, and President Trump himself become a “cult leader”?

Chinese tradition always teaches us the importance of being grateful for others’ kindness. For example, even if one receives just a drop of water, he or she should return a water-well to show their appreciation when they can. It was Mr. Guo, and the fellow fighters of the Whistleblowers’ Movement that made Wang Dingang (Lude) who he is today. Until now, Wang’s family is still enjoying the affluent lifestyle in the luxury home provided by Mr. Guo. Wang who has always been respectful to Mr. Guo and appraised how great Mr. Guo is, now openly slanders Mr. Guo without even raising an eyebrow. Netizens called him a white-eyed wolf and scolded him for attacking someone who provided shelter for him. However, the Big-Head Lu still remained unmoved and igorantly said: “the house has not been transferred to me yet; I will definitely share it with all of you after the transfer, alright?”

Dr. Yan, who used to be regarded as the most gentle and elegant professional and hence called an “angel”, suddenly turned into a poisonous woman. She attacked the Whistleblowers’ Movement and its range of fundraising and donation activities. She may not understand much about investment, but it is most awkward for her to condemn donations! For all the fellow fighters who support the Whistleblowers’ Movement, we all make donations to the Rule of Law Foundation and Rule of Law Society. Besides Mr. Guo’s various efforts, the Rule of Law Foundation also played a vital role in funding Dr. Yan’s escape from Hong Kong, and her subsequent settlement and ongoing lawyers’ fees in the United States. After arriving in the United States, Yan Li Meng kept on saying that Mr. Guo is her life-saving benefactor and expressed her profound gratitude to the Rule of Law Foundation. The name of Rule of Law Foundation was also labelled on her three viral reports. Now she turned drastically around and accused her life-saver of being the CCP agent and the very fund that provided for her life-saving journey and the settlement as a vehicle for illegal enrichment or a scam.

It’s beyond anyone’s imagination that such vile words can come out of a woman who holds two doctorate degrees. She even bluntly scolded Mr. Guo and our fellow fighters: “all you guys will die soon, and no one will pay tribute to you even after you die.” What kind of evil woman can have a heart to be so ungrateful and to say such an insane thing.

According to Dr. Yan, the reason for her “all of the sudden vicious tirade” was that she had discovered that Mr. Guo was a CCP spy and was trying to suppress her from revealing the truth about the virus. This only stirred laughter from our fellow fighters, and they responded “Yes, right, the CCP spy Guo knows that you are a person who knows the truth was about to defect and to escape, so he informed the CCP, and then the CCP forced your husband to kill you but failed in his numerous attempts over a ten-day period, and then the CCP made an effort to send you to the U.S. in order to better control you! Is this a standard lie that a doctor could tell? The CCP can’t kill you in Hong Kong on its own turf? So the CCP must shift you out to the United States to kill you? Your line of logic is worse than that of a ten-year-old!

Big-Head Lu then tried to quickly explain by saying that the CCP did not kill her in Hong Kong because they did not believe that Dr. Yan could get so much evidence alone and suspected that there was a team behind her. In order to dig out this team, the CCP deliberately allowed Yan to escape, and let their agent Guo in the United States to get more intel from Yan about her team. Their justifications only got more absurd as they tried to explain more and more. According to this interpretation if Mr. Guo is a “big spy” who was given such a significant task, he should have gone directly to the airport to greet Yan Liming, and upon gaining her trust, he should keep her firmly under his control, and then wait for the opportunity to get information out from her. But in reality, why would Mr. Guo let Mr. Bannon, who has an intelligent background, closely scrutinize Yan Limeng? And even after helping Yan with her accommodation and lawyer, Mr. Guo still did not meet Yan in person. To this date, Mr. Guo never communicated with Yan alone. Instead, Mr. Guo always asked Lude to attend a three-party video conference. It was not until more than a year later, Mr. Guo and Yan Limeng met for the first time on June 4 of this year, accompanied by the Lude as usual. It seems that Mr. Guo, ‘the big spy,’ was never that committed in carrying out the task assigned by his superiors seriously.

Today, Lude and AiLi came forward to “expose” GTV’s use of as a platform to expose user information to the CCP intentionally. In fact, the fellow fighters who have been following the Whistleblowers’ Movement all know that the original designer of GTV was a fellow fighter named Pangxie. Pangxie is a very irresponsible person. He even subcontracted part of the work to domestic sound network companies. However, it was Mr. Guo who actually revealed this risk during his live broadcast, expressed his dissatisfaction and told the audience that he was organizing his team to work overtime on the replacement of the sound network platform. If you do some research, you can easily find out that GTV’s server is in the United States. What is the so-called “Doctoral Corps” intention to confuse the public by using such a dirty smear tactic?

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In summary, this round of desperate attack against the Whistleblowers’ Movement was a major unified operation. It is an ultimate battle between life and death! And this time, you and I are both in it!

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