Translated by Himalaya Los Angeles Pangu (USA) – YY & Antsee-GTV

Proofread by Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada) – Liberte

1.I am giving a surprise live broadcast today to test my cool new technology. Everybody, take a look at the blue sky, it is so beautiful. 

Don’t bother to come to the US if you are a CCP member who is against this “imperialist” country. Just stay in your socialist CCP China. In just a few days, we have seen the change in people’s minds. The CCP went on a buying spree everywhere starting four or five years ago, and that is how we ended up where we are today. Look at the sanctions imposed on the CCP’s state-owned enterprises, high-tech enterprises, and CCP officials in the past few days. I once said that the US military would go to Taiwan, and it has already gone there.

2.Today I hear the ridiculous logic of some people saying that I am destroying my own Whistleblower Movement and turning it into a terrorist organization. Some of them have followed the Whistleblower Movement for three to four years. There are several kinds of people. 

The first kind of person has no money. They are envious, jealous, and hate when they see other fellow fighters making investments. In order to cover up, they talk about fairness, freedom, and the God-like nine-fingered demon Sara (VOG). Yan Li-Meng (the “Snake Demon Yan”) has a sexual relationship with Wang Ding Gang (the “disgusting Asshole Lu De”). It doesn’t matter if you have no money, as long as you are determined to take down the CCP. It turns out that they have no money and want to make a fortune, and they are earning more than everyone else.

The second kind, like a fellow fighter from the US East farm, invested a total of US$40,000 and sent me a resume many times asking for a salary of US$600,000. When I disagreed, he fell out with me. Even Jason Miller and Wang Yanping’s salaries are not this high. This group of people is not here to take down the CCP. Once there is a sign of disturbance, they cannot continue their opportunism. What I am most worried about is that these kinds of people sneak into the G-series. These opportunists just want to reap the benefits without contributing any effort. If their needs are not met, they will turn against you.

The third type of person never wanted to take down the CCP with us. They sneak into our group, mating everywhere whenever they see the opportunity, even wanting to be a CCP agent compromised by the BGY plot. 

These three kinds of people cannot be driven out once the G-series is listed in the market.  That will be really troublesome for us.

3.An American friend could not understand that the “Snake Demon Yan” became like this overnight. Since she came to the US, we have made no more than two video calls together. When she first arrived, she told me that her husband made poisonous scrambled eggs to kill her, and then he wanted to go to the beach to kill her. The “Disgusting Asshole Lu De” even believed this. 

This woman has a mental problem, so I told her that she could only talk about the CCP virus. We rescued her from Hong Kong and brought her to the US, we spent US $60,000 just to buy clothes for her, and we provided her bodyguards with guns. To our surprise, she claimed that I brought her husband to the US to kill her. Won’t the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI investigate this?

4.Sellin was crazy to claim that I was a CCP agent. When he talks like this, we don’t need to say anything else. He completely lost his logic and credibility. Just like the “Snake Demon Yan” who claimed that I built a ship to take down the CCP, then I got everyone on board the ship, then I started to scuttle the ship. I am on the ship myself. Can I still live if I wipe out everybody else?  This is completely illogical. 

It is 100% the CCP’s actions that released the CCP virus. It is 100% due to the effort of the scientists behind the scenes, and countless fellow fighters, that we are on track to take down the CCP by revealing the truth of the CCP virus. Do you think the CCP can be eliminated by the “Disgusting Asshole Lu De” and the “Snake Demon Yan” on their own? 

The USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) will talk to “Snake Demon Yan” immediately. She dares to provide false information to deceive the USCIS, therefore she is doomed. If she cannot prove that her husband made poisonous scrambled eggs to kill her and failed, and if she cannot prove that I brought her husband to the US to kill her, then she is lying. She will lose her credibility and should get out of the US immediately. 

This is even more true for the “Disgusting Asshole Lu De”. He used to support the Whistleblower Movement to take down the CCP.  Now they both claim that the person who saved them is a CCP agent. If he cannot prove it, he is lying and must go back to China. This is basic common sense. They treat the Americans as fools.

5.The lease for “Snake Demon Yan’s” apartment expires in August. We cannot renew the lease. Where can she go when she leaves here? They made the deal with the CCP. However, the US$3 million from the CCP was not directly given to Snaky Yan. It will be given to her family. The CCP will give US$700,000 to the “Disgusting Asshole Lu De”, plus all his debts are waived. The money will not be in their possession immediately, and I even doubt whether the CCP’s promises will be fulfilled. 

We provided her with credit cards that she could use casually, with credit limits of hundreds of thousands of US dollars. When she went out, she was provided a bullet-proof car with bodyguards. She wandered around Manhattan and hooked up with the “Disgusting Asshole Lu De” every day. This is really the most awesome hookup in history. 

In fact, apart from the rent of the apartment which is paid by the Rule of Law Foundation, my family fund pays the rest in order for her to have an independent identity to reveal the truth about the CCP virus. Otherwise, we could not ask the Rule of Law Foundation to pay. Lu De’s house is not paid by the Rule of Law Foundation. Our fellow fighters would feel so disgusted if the money came from your donations.  

Now the lawyers have begun to recover everything from the “Disgusting Asshole Lu De” and the “Snake Demon Yan.” I am waiting for them to issue an eviction order for breach of contract. And the house Lu De lives in is now listed for sale.

6.Be sure to pay attention to the movement of people around you these days. Anybody should leave the Whistleblower Movement if they have even a little hesitation. This incident can help us clearly identify the people we don’t need. This is better than any gift. 

At the latest in September, Himalaya Coin will be in full circulation. This is what the CCP is most afraid of. The new G-TV private placement will also be completed. More than 1.5 million people have registered for GETTR, and only 1% are Chinese. This has created a miracle in the world. If 100 million people sign up, what is its market value? Plus, the circulation of our Himalaya Coins and Himalaya Dollars. 

In the future, everybody will know who is truly standing with us to take down the CCP.  

7.The “Disgusting Asshole Lu De” is a kept man, relying on women for financial support. How loathsome would it be to have such a person in our ranks all the time?

It will be no surprise if an undetermined and unfaithful person betrays the Whistleblower Movement every week in the future. Even if it happens every day it will not surprise me.

If the CCP does not try to bribe them and infiltrate them with the “Blue-Gold-Yellow” dirty tricks, it means we are not doing any damage to the CCP.

In the last two weeks, the CCP’s army of paid internet trolls (known as the ‘Wu Mao Shui Jun’) are as numerous and insane as when I started exposing HNA and the CCP in 2017.

The CCP knows we pose the equivalent threat to it now as we did when I was live broadcasting on VOA on April 19th, 2017. That’s the truth.

In 2017, we didn’t have so many fellow fighters with us. It is completely different now. If you look at the global social media platforms, our real fellow fighters are everywhere.

Many people with a conscience are doing live broadcasts on G-TV. They are all gifts given to us by God, and we must grasp this great opportunity.

8.The “Real Person & Real Story” show’s interview with blind Qiang Zi this morning was excellent. Cao Gen Xiao Ge, the host, is definitely a man.

Qiang Zi is not 100% blind, he has 5-10% feeble vision. The “Disgusting Asshole Lu De” was very nervous when he found out about it.

In April this year, I asked Lu De whether he was having an intimate relationship with Yan Li-Meng?

“We will be enemies if you do not tell the truth,” I told him. But they lied to me and guaranteed that they had not. I believed them.

At that time, I felt Qiang Zi was no good, so I scolded him. I even thought that the CCP sent Qiang Zi to target Lu De and Yan Li-Meng deliberately.

When the New Federal State of China’s (NFSC) first-anniversary celebration was live-streamed on June 4th this year, I knew they were in an intimate relationship as soon as they appeared at my place.

I forced myself to finish the live broadcast and let them both go to the World Trade Center.

I did not let them back to my place again, because it was too disgusting.

I was furious, but I persuaded myself to leave it alone and focus on the mission of taking down the CCP.

When it concerns the purpose of destroying the CCP, it is my fault for always choosing to appease the traitors. I should have reflected on this a hundred times.

When the Iron Blood team met after the celebration event on June 4th, I told them that “Snake Demon Yan’s” speech was very frivolous and rude that day. She completely neglected the Whistleblower Movement, which made me very angry.

This is the ugliness of human nature!

Her plane ticket to the US cost HK$180,000. Dozens of people in Hong Kong risked their lives to assist her in reaching the US, and it turned out the two piece-of-garbage were there for a date?

Mr. Bannon slept on the floor for four days and provided all the media resources, including arranging meetings with the “swamp” bigwigs. How much aid did Mr. Bannon provide?

Besides, what have we cheated you out of? We provided bodyguards, lawyers, an opportunity to immigrate, bulletproof cars. We did everything we could.

Ask the “Disgusting Asshole Lu De” whether I directed what he should say on his show? I never asked anything of you two. Even so, you still slandered us. How unconscionable it is!

9.Eliminating the CCP is not a business, and I don’t owe anybody who is involved in destroying the CCP. It is a faith we all believe in, and I have paid too much.

Therefore, we will never forgive the Disgusting Asshole Lu De and Snake Demon Yan.

If one person in the Whistleblower Movement has gained reputation and money, it must be Lu De, Wang Ding Gang — the Disgusting Asshole Lu De. He earns advertising fees, bounty fees. Just one Singaporean, Ah Wei, tipped him more than US $40,000. Lu De has made 50 times more than the President of the US in the past two years.

He lives in the best house, and his kids go to one of the top 10 private schools in the US. He uses the best equipment I provided.

And then he has this crazy affair with “Snake Demon Yan,” and he even wants to get us all killed? How can this happen in the world?

I will hold them accountable for this for the rest of my life. He knows how many lies he has told, and this is all going to come back to haunt him.

If there are still people who want to continue to support them. Just go ahead. If you don’t continue to support them and donate to them, you are bastards. You had better get the hell out of the Whistleblower Movement.

10.The “Disgusting Asshole Lu De” living in my house is a small matter. But Lu De, you have supported the Whistleblower Movement for four years, and you want to designate all of our fellow fighters of the Whistleblower Movement as extremists? That’s a big deal.

Bo and Ai Li (co-hosts of LuDe), if you had kids and parents, they would all get what’s coming to them. You are a group of low-class trash.

How dare you bunch of losers say I am against the Whistleblower Movement and slander me as a gangster member of the CCP?

What can the CCP give me? Can it bring my mother back to life? Can it compensate for the abuse my imprisoned colleagues and family members received? Or can it turn my gray hair back into the black? 

Will the US spare me if I collude with the CCP? Will the Gods spare me? You pieces-of- garbage turned black to white. But some people who are not qualified to discern right from wrong still believe this shit.

11.Gold is authenticated after repeated screening, not through publicity. An excellent and determined fellow fighter needs to pass various tests. He needs the forging and the trials of heart, morality, and faith before he can become “real gold.”

We must do everything by following common sense. This time I really learned a lot. I am who I am. I will say I like something if I like it, I won’t say I don’t like something against my will. I just want to achieve one goal: to destroy the CCP! And I am more determined than ever. 

In the future, whoever is found not to be our fellow fighter will be asked to leave immediately. Nobody should condone, or give any chance, to anybody disguised as our fellow fighter. We should not repeat the same mistakes over and over again. I will show everybody how we lift them up high, and how we will drop them down. 

Nobody can stop the strategy of “destroying the CCP with the truth of the virus.” In addition, we will never conceal our mistakes.

Our attorneys have fully withdrawn from representing “Snake Demon Yan” in her immigration case. Now she will have to explain herself to the INS. The legal action against the “Disgusting Asshole Lu De” is in full swing, and not a single second will be wasted.

We want to take down the CCP. Nothing else matters. We don’t beg anybody to stand with us. Regardless of who leaves us, the CCP will be destroyed.

12.Our action against the “Disgusting Asshole Lu De” and “Snake Demon Yan” will last at least six weeks. We cannot just stop their abuse in a few days.

Our Himalaya farms and fellow fighters, please work out the specific plan.

We can never forgive those who have hurt us, and we will use all legal means to pursue our justice. We will never forget those who have helped us, and we will use legitimate means to express our gratitude to them. This is the Whistleblower Movement. Always remember!

If anybody hurts the Whistleblower Movement, they will be held accountable even to the ends of the earth. No recourse will be given up.

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