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In the past few days, Lawrence Sellin has launched fierce attacks on Mr. Miles Guo and the Whistleblower Movement (WBM) in collaboration with Wang Dinggang, host of Lude Media, Yan Li-Meng, and other co-hosts of Lude Media,

Lawrence Sellin is a retired colonel with medical background and has written a few articles to expose the CCP’s bioweapon program in the past few months. Yan is now world-famous for advocating the theory that coronavirus is an unrestricted bioweapon created by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Wang and other co-hosts of Lude Media used to be WBM members and spread truth and news related to the CCP in their daily live broadcast on Youtube. All of them ripped away their masks and started smearing Mr. Guo and the WBM in unison on July 11.

Admittedly, Sellin started questioning the natural origin of SARS-COV-2 pretty early near the end of February 2020, as shown by his LinkedIn posts. However, his zeal in digging into the bioweapon program of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of the CCP did not manifest itself in his online footprint until February 2021 when he suddenly became active on Twitter.

Lude Media first drew attention from us, WBM members, to Sellin’s twitters in his broadcast on April 3, touting him as a representative of the US military bioweapon intelligence community giving endorsement to Yan’s reports. Many of our fellow fighters volunteered to help him with his investigation into the PLA’s bioweapon program after that.

His project soon picked up steam. In return, he offered an olive branch to the WBM by posting the flag of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) in his tweet and giving a virtual speech at the First Anniversary Ceremony of the NFSC.

We have to ask Sellin the following questions:

  1. Did you know the NFSC had been born of the WBM at that time?
  2. Did you know Mr. Miles Guo is the initiator of the WBM and the key founder of the NFSC?
  3. If you knew these at that time, what caused the abrupt change in your stance and opinions about Mr. Guo and the WBM? You had better provide some substantial evidence for it.  

If you insist that you did not know all these, you only prove you are either a terrible ex-intelligence officer or a sheer liar.

Sellin’s about-face clearly began with the following tweet on July 11:

However, he deleted it the next day. Why? Because he found out that such a juxtaposition did a disservice to his purpose of smearing Mr. Guo as a “CCP guy” for Bruno Wu (on the left) is indeed a registered foreign agent for the CCP (See the following registration information from the DOJ website). Wu’s endless lawsuits against Mr. Guo only prove Mr. Guo is the one the CCP has been trying to persecute. If Sellin could still pretend to be a “neutral observer” when he sent this tweet, his deleting it is more telling about his sinister intent.


Sellin made a series of tweets in the following two days, calling Mr. Guo all kinds of names and labeling the WBM as a cult. He gave particular emphasis to Mr. Guo’s audio where he called on us, WBM followers, to take actions against the despicable Wang Dinggang and Yan Li-Meng, with several tweets similar to the following:

Everyone can see he is trying to spin the narrative that Mr. Guo egged his followers on to physically attack Yan and Wang. However, we have shown the world with our actions in the past three years that the weapons we use to fight against the CCP and its minions are simply the truth, peaceful protest, and law. Our actions will include making videos and caricatures to expose their true colors, organizing protests against their smears and attacks on Mr. Guo and the WBM, and taking legal actions to recover the money of which Yan has defrauded the Rule of Law Fund (RLF), etc.

Can you believe it? When they are shamelessly vilifying Mr. Guo in their broadcasts, they are still living in Mr. Guo’s house and apartment. Furthermore, Yan even enjoys expensive bodyguard protection and a monthly allowance of USD 10,000 paid by the RLF which, by the way, was also founded by Mr. Guo to help dissidents and defectors to flee China. Yan repeated in several early broadcasts and TV interviews that she would not have been able to run away from Hong Kong without the help of the RLF, for which she once said she was deeply grateful.

Knowing these facts, don’t you find it ridiculous and outrageous that Sellin made such baseless accusations of “solicitation to commit a crime of violence”?

Sellin gave his explanation for why he labels the WBM as a cult in the following tweet:

He distorted the fact to support his false claim here. We decided to fight back with the actions described above, not because the two adulterers – Yes, Yan Li-Meng and Wang Dinggang, both married, are having an affair – decided to betray the WBM but because they bite the hand that feeds them by slandering Mr. Guo and the WBM. If someone is seeking to destroy your only hope for the future, will you fight back? Certainly, we have to take up the gauntlet.

However, the WBM is an open organization which any member can quit anytime without any consequence if he/she does not seek to harm or destroy it. the WBM is not a cult that is based on blind faith or extreme beliefs. The only thing that binds us together is the aspiration to take down the CCP and bring democracy, freedom, and rule of law to our countrymen in China.

Many people inside the CCP regime have become our fellow fighters and whistleblowers.

They send us information about the CCP’s evil plans so that we can warn the world about the risks and threats posed by the CCP. That’s why Mr. Guo maintains close connections with many CCP apparatchiks in Mainland China. To win this war against the world’s largest criminal organization, we need to grow the base of our supporters and win as many friends and allies as possible throughout the world.

In some of his Twitter posts, Sellin attempted to turn the Trump supporters against the WBM. However, as Mr. Guo reiterated in his broadcasts, we do not side with any political party in the US. Now Joe Biden is the officially inaugurated president. It is illegal and presumptuous for us, as guests or exiles in the US, to meddle in the domestic affairs of the hosting country.

That said, the WBM does stand with those who uphold and fight for freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, rule of law, and democracy because those are exactly what we are after.

In the following LinkedIn post, Sellin made another false claim that Mr. Guo has invested in GETTR, implying that GETTR is linked to the CCP and that the users risk leaking personal information to the CCP by using GETTR. He even gloated over the cyberattacks on GETTR and posted the supposedly exposed information in the following LinkedIn post.

First, few people other than the lapdogs of the CCP would designate Mr. Guo as a CCP agent in their tweets, posts, and articles. Most informed and decent people in the intelligence and political communities know him as the archenemy of the CCP. Miles Guo is the only one in the world who dare openly declaring to determinate the CCP regime. He has paid the tremendous price of tens billions dollars of property loss, family members and employees being detained or died by the CCP.    

Wearing this “glorious” title of the exterminator of the CCP, Mr. Guo does not have any property under his name for the investment in GETTR. The investors of GETTR are no doubt our allies who strive to break the censorship and control of the big-tech oligarchs over speech and free communications. The WBM members have made great contributions to it by volunteering their time and effort to the test run of the app to help fix the bugs and provide improvement suggestions.

We cherish GETTR because a slew of our accounts and channels have been shut down, censored, and canceled on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube for exposing the truth about the coronavirus and vaccines, the human rights abuses in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet, and Mainland China, and the gruesome history under the control of the CCP.

Therefore, we are proud to be the genuine supporters of GETTR. We will go all lengths to ensure its success, and it WILL succeed because we are not alone in our longing for a platform that encourages free exchange and debate of ideas.

GETTR is a US company without a whit of connection to the CCP. All its servers and data are in the US. Anyone skeptical of this is welcome to make an investigation, whereas rumor mongers should also be held responsible for their lies.

As a newborn nemesis of the big-tech social media, GETTR suffers an onslaught of cyberattacks in which the CCP plays a dominant role. However, when it comes to leakage of user information, GETTR requires only an email address or a mobile number to open an account at the beginning and now with the simple registration process in place, a user can open an account without submitting any personal information. Therefore, the risk of leaking personal information is close to zero on GETTR.

However, as a retired military officer who sworn to protect the US constitution and poses to be an anti-CCP fighter and a trump supporter, Sellin bends over backwards to destroy the CCP’s archenemy, Mr. Guo. Sellin applauds the CCP’s cyberattacks on a US company, and sucks up to the big-tech oligarchs, which are now facing class action lawsuits from former President Trump. We request Sellin to explain to us the great discrepancies between what he professes and what he is doing.

Sellin labels himself as a “COVID-19 Subject Matter Expert” and tries to use our actions on Yan Li-Meng as proof of our attempt to hamper the effort to hold the CCP accountable for the pandemic. That’s because he thinks too highly of himself and Yan.

No record online shows Sellin has engaged in any coronavirus research in at least the past twenty years. He has published no medical papers on this type of virus.

He may have collected some intelligence about the CCP’s bioweapon program, partly with the support of the WBM followers. It is also possible that the CCP faction he is wittingly or unwittingly linked to has fed him information about the key players because some information he exposed seems to come from suspicious sources.

People might say that he obtained this intelligence through his military intelligence network. Then let’s look at his status in the US military intelligence community.

INDEPENDENT reported on October 23, 2011 that after Sellin, then a senior officer in General David Petraeus’s support staff, was fired from America’s headquarters in Afghanistan, he returned to Finland where he was an international defense contractor. “Throughout my career I have walked a fine line between good taste and unemployment,” he said.

That is the last article online which revealed his professional activities and whereabouts. We have no idea how long he was out of work after that. Mr. Guo revealed in his June 14 broadcast that Sellin is nothing but a lunatic retired military officer with unsettled cases in the US. Sellin is a far cry from an important intelligence figure with the clout to influence the US government decisions on virus-related issues as hyped up by the Lude Media.

We have to ask Sellin:

  1. Are you in the US? If not, why do you stay away from the US?
  2. How many connections do you have in the US military intelligence community?
  3. Is the information about the Chinese PLA officers involved in the CCP’s bioweapon program you exposed in your articles from the so-called “Research network analysis similar to SIXTA from British WW2 codebreaking center, Bletchley Park”?
  4. Are you a member of this network? Or at least have access to it? Or did you simply try to manipulate your image to make yourself seem more powerful than you actually are?

Do you believe a retired military officer, who was fired from the army and dares not go back to the US, could have meaningful connections in the US military intelligence community to obtain important information about the CCP’s bioweapon program?

As regards Yan Li-Meng, according to the intelligence Mr. Guo has obtained, she is a fraud who has slept her way to the Hong Kong University. She is not the principal author of the three papers she published on Zenodo.com. Her nasty background deserves a dedicated report.

How can we rely on these two spiteful persons to spearhead the campaign to hold the CCP accountable for the pandemic?

More importantly, Mr. Guo told us that other defectors, including eminent scientists, had joined this campaign and will be introduced to the public at the opportune time. It is time for us to sever ties with these two liars.

Now, we may probe into the reasons behind Sellin’s abrupt change.

First, the intelligence from our fellow fighters in the CCP shows that Wang closed a deal with the WBM Extermination Team of the CCP months ago. He was only waiting for the best time to launch the attack. Now that his gang are working in step with Sellin on Twitter and Youtube, it is not a wild guess that Sellin also cut a deal with the CCP faction for playing a significant role in this premeditated and concerted attack on Mr. Guo and the WBM.

This could be the reason why he suddenly became active on Twitter this February and began writing articles and tweeting about the CCP’s bioweapon program from February 2020.

Then comes the question what is the reward in this deal for him, a retired senior man who has lost all the power, respect, and attention and harbored deep resentment against the so-called bureaucratic US military and government?

The CCP is good at manipulating people psychologically by satisfying their desires or stimulating fears. In Sellin’s case, an irresistible temptation could be making him an expert on the most heated topic worldwide, i.e., coronavirus being an unrestricted bioweapon of the CCP.

By feeding him intelligence about the CCP’s bioweapon program, the CCP can shape him into a COVID-19 expert with strong medical and intelligence background in the eyes of the public and even the US intelligence community. He can enter the limelight of mainstream media and may even be recruited as consultant by intelligence agencies. These will no doubt bring tremendous satisfaction to his tortured soul.

You may ask what the CCP will get from these deals.

First, they can deal a heavy, if not fatal, blow to Mr. Guo and the WBM if their plan succeeds. I have to give a warning to Yan Li-Meng and Wang Dinggang. The WBM will only use non-violent means to fight back. However, to frame Mr. Guo and the WBM for murdering the opinion leaders in the campaign of holding the CCP accountable for COVID-19, the CCP may have one or both of you killed. You are expendable in the eyes of the CCP leaders, especially when your deaths serve their purpose better than your being alive.  

Second, they want to influence the public opinions and discussions about COVID-19 and thereby, depending on the intent of the CCP faction involved, expedite or impede the progress of taking down the CCP with the virus issue. Yes, some factions inside the CCP, which are at the risk of being exterminated by Xi Jinping, have planned for wrecking the ship of the CCP regime and throwing Xi under the bus. With tremendous wealth overseas, all they care about is their survival in the looming apocalypse.

We see Sellin continue tweeting about the so-called evidence of Mr. Guo’s attacks on the pro-democracy activists. We, WBM followers, know very well these so-called pro-democracy activists are all assets of the CCP. Time and money trails will prove who are the real fighters against the CCP.

This poor senior man may have developed bitter jealousy against Mr. Guo over the months because the latter has everything he covets: wealth, fame, popularity, clout, business acumen, charisma, nobility, grace, support of millions of people, etc. Maybe that’s why his tweets smack of visceral hatred toward Mr. Guo. Now he is actively involved in this action.

Sellin once dreamed of being ranked on par with Joseph Stilwell, Claire Chennault, and Jimmy Doolittle, respected heroes who helped the Chinese people fight the Japanese invaders in WWII. By allowing yourself to be a pawn, a running dog, and a bedfellow of the CCP faction, you are no longer qualified to be a friend of the Chinese people. Your tweet is a joke and an insult to the three heroes you shamelessly put in the same picture with you.


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