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With Dr. Lawrence Sellin launching a series of attacks on Miles Guo on Twitter on July 11, 2021, LuDe, who gave Dr. Sellin the highest endorsement in his podcasts during the past few months, confirmed on the very next morning, along with Dr. Limeng Yan, that they have officially started their assault on Miles Guo and his Whistleblower Movement, and claimed that the CCP extended its arms to the rest of the world through its agent, referring to Miles Guo.

LuDe’s morning podcast, July 12, 2021

For the close to the hundreds of thousands of Miles Guo’s followers who watched Lude’s podcast on the morning of July 12, 2021, it was apparent that LuDe and Dr. Limeng Yan, whom they revered just a day earlier, became douchebags to them, with 3100 of them giving thumbs down to this podcast. The worst is yet to come to LuDe who clearly cut himself loose from the movement, since his audience is composed largely of Miles Guo’s followers. It is foreseeable that in the following days, this group of audience, most of whom broke through the Great Fire Wall of China, in Steven Bannon’s words, will vanish from LuDe Media podcasts as if they had never been there.

As of July 12, interpreters are not there anymore to interpret on the English channel on live streaming. An interpreter told the author that he sensed something wrong two nights earlier on the show and chose not to offer his language service the next evening on July 11. This would result in massive audience loss for Lude Media in the English market. With no Western audience to reach out to, LuDe could only pitch to the CCP fans, whose interest is to earn 75 Chinese cents for every click or post they make on the Internet, besides showing their “strong” support of the CCP. For Lude and his gang, Dr. limeng Yan, Aili, Dr. Bo, Dr. Muo, Anna and Dr. Zhao, the “synchronized” sound of their concerto will diminish when their boat is drifting away, because people of the right mind have totally become disengaged from LuDe.

Following the chain of events starting with Dr. Sellin’s tweets came an instant judgment call by the politically oriented participants of the Whistleblower Movement, a show of firm alliance with Miles Guo anti-CCP campaign. However, to Westerners, what happened in the past two days is mind-boggling. One thing for sure, it must have blown Steven Bannon’s mind who complemented LuDe Media numerous times during his War Room Pandemic podcast both to his English and the Chinese audiences throughout last year. So for Westerners who cannot discern who is a CCP spy and who is not, perhaps it makes sense to sit still and watch this thriller until its last scene.

However, those who echoed with Dr. Lawrence Sellin on Twitter are indeed watching it with a pair of blurred glasses mostly due to the language barrier. For the Chinese who stand firmly against the Chinese Communist regime, Dr. Sellin cannot steal the show, nor can LuDe or Dr. Limeng Yan, to whom a famous line of “My Cousin Vinny” would suit perfectly: “I got no more use for this guy.” Dr. Yan: your “mission” of exposing the Covid-19 origin is done. One day, people will be tired of your same old same old. Perhaps you can take a break to practice how to pronounce the letter “L” both in Chinese and English.

On the same evening during his podcast, LuDe had no other choice but to pick the news of the day that the Cuban people were demonstrating on the street with American flags and demanding an end to Communist rule. Such news may have cast a curse on LuDe, who holds his anti-CCP flag and, talks about taking down the CCP, while hinting that Miles Guo, a real anti-CCP fighter, was a CCP spy. His show must go on till one day he is caught.

Thanks to Miles Guo, Lude Media received 7-digit earnings from YouTube and audience endorsement after livestreaming for 4 years. And every Chinese who listened to his podcasts knew that Miles Guo had bought a big house in an expensive area in New York, to let him and his family live there so that “he could devote his time to the twice-a-day podcasts”. LuDe: please return your free house to Miles Guo as you are no longer his ally.  

It is not the first time that Miles Guo’s followers experienced a major setback in their war against Communist China. Only this time, they were better prepared. They indeed view a major support’s departure as a betrayal of their movement, since this movement is about millions of people versus a regime that controls the most populous nation on earth. Even though the rest of the world doubt that the Chinese regime will collapse, these folks do not.  

July 1, 2021 marks the centennial of the CCP. It will do anything to control its people. During 2017 and 2018, it used all its enormous government resources, as well as through INTERPOL, to have Miles Guo extradited to China while Trump was the president. Fortunately, Steve Bannon allegedly stopped it from happening. Anyone who would wish to investigate on their own if Miles Guo is a CCP spy could look no further than the charging document by the prosecutors of the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii, the United States of America vs Nickie Mali Lum Davis, to which Mali Lum Davis pled guilty within days the indictment was filed. In this document, “PRC National A” is code name for Miles Guo. The CCP is known to dump its spies if they are exposed. So Miles Guo being a doubt agent is out of the question.

As for Dr. Yan, it is worth noting that President Trump allegedly cancelled a few times the scheduled appointments to meet with Dr. Limeng Yan last year. Time will tell whether she was turned into a red swallow sometime after she landed in the US, or she is here on a mission to destroy Mile Guo’s force.

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