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Translation: Una


Dr. Sellin, who was once the spokesperson of the US military and have gained our high hopes, suddenly changed his character and turned to our opposite side. 

While many fellow fighters were still in confusion, Lude, Doctor Corps and Angel Yan Limeng, whom we hailed as heroes, were also turned!

Yan Angel, who usually seems to be gentle mild, suddenly came out to condemn the whistleblower movement and Mr. Guo to death… God, have I traveled to another time and space? How it is possible that I wake up to a totally different sky?

My soul was violently hit 10,000 times in an instant.

Some comrades reacted quickly and launched a counterattack immediately, but they were slandered by someone as the cultural revolution and political struggle.

1. Xiyefangfei: It’s all about making up stories. I think it’s just an internal struggle for merit, attacking Sellin is the proof.

——First of all, Sellin attacked Mr. Guo and the whistleblower movement and tried to identified us as the CCP’s spies on Twitter, we are fighting back. 

Secondly, Sellin is the “god” that praised by Lude, he actually was expelled from the US Army in 2010. He has been living in Finland and dare not return to the United States. Together with Lude, they intimidated the fellow fighters in the show that anti-Sellin means anti-US forces, and would be in jail. Do you still believe in such a scum?

2. WeiEr: Did the CCP eat shit? Let Yan come out to expose the truth of the virus and turn themself into the enemy of the whole world?

——If Yan does not come out to expose, will the truth about the virus never come out? Eventually you will see who indeed has uncovered the truth of the virus!

The high-level politicians inside the CCP has struggled seriously for a long time, Xi Jinping’s “communistic” is not the same as the Jiang Zemin’s “communistic”! Yan came out with a mission to use the truth of the virus gaining support by the whistle blower movement, destroying Xi’s faction, and then reversing the situation and disintegrating the whistleblower movement. After the truth of the virus is publicly acceptable, they will change into a different vest, launch a new political agent, and continue to enslave the 1.4 billion people.

Do you understand this point?

3. Aiguoaidang: If Yan Limeng was down, her three reports must be denied! This is one thing.

——Look at your name: patriotic and love the party. Want to lead the wind under my Twitter, need more courage!

I have said that, anti-Yan Limeng does not represent anti the truth of virus. Yan Limeng is not the only one in the world who knows the truth of the virus!

By the way, I would like to remind you again: there is a risk to smash Guo, you need to be cautious when starting this step!

4. Suri: Disappointed with Wengui, no matter if he really or falsely destroys the CCP. The so-called New Federal State of China is a troubled world even if it succeed. So nothing is going to support.

——Regardless of your support or not, the whistleblower movement will complete his historical mission. We will sincerely follow Mr. Guo all the time: even mountains, waters or fires can not stop the way.

Since the New Federal State of China has been succeeded, it will not become a troubled world. You can’t see what Mr. Guo Wengui can see, and also without his strength, you can be of course affected by these trivial matters and be disappointed.

However, freedom can never be fallen from the sky, and Wengui does not owe you freedom. So: go away!

5. okong: If Dr. Yan is really a swallow, then it really hurts the comrades too much…

——The true comrades are always in fighting, how can there be time to be sad?

Besides, Mr. Guo always said: everyone is so necessary for the whistleblower movement, but it can also be successful without any one. 

She is just a swallow, and we should be so thankful that she exposed herself in time.

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