Author/Picture Design: Giselle

Translation: XiaoYu

Dr. Sellin, who was once the spokesperson of the US military and whom we had high hopes for, suddenly breaks character and sings a different tune!

While many fellow fighters were still muddling in this chaos, Lude and our angel Yan Limeng, whom we hailed as heroes, also smashed the pot!

Angel Yan, who usually seems to be ever so gentle mild, came right out to condemn the whistle blower movement and Mr. Guo to death… God, have I travelled to another time and space? How do you wake up to a totally different sky?

The soul was thrashed ten thousand times in an instant.

Some fellow fighters responded promptly, and immediately launched a counterattack, but they were slandered and framed as supporters of the cultural revolution and political struggle.

1. Jay Yates: In the 4 years of following the whistle blower movement, the biggest feeling for me is that cultural revolution-style movements are never ending. One rises, another falls, and this repeats, in a vicious circle. As of today, it seems all the big Vs around Guo Wengui have been labelled counter-revolutionaries, and vilification have become the norm for the past 4 years. The Mao-style fighting against the world is endless, and against fellow fighters is endless, and they have acted incisively and vividly! Before the Communist Party is defeated, the big Vs have all fallen. Who will be next?

——Do you think it’s just a game when the CCP, with all the power of a nation, smash the pot and bash the whistle blower movement?

The first reaction of sincere fellow fighters was to feel bad for Miles for being betrayed by trusted people. Secondly, for the harm that these fakes has done to Miles, true fellow fighters will be very angry at CCP’s shameless, obscene and ugly nature! Miles values love and righteousness, these  fakes excessively exhaust his kindness and enthusiasm.

These past years, self-exposed fakes, such as: Chicken Leg Pan, Zhuang Lihong, Sara, etc., was there anyone wronged by Miles?

To honor you is to make you stronger so that we can destroy the communists together; if you are vilified, is it because you don’t deserve glory, or because the purpose itself is not pure, who is to blame?

2. Aiguoaidang: Yan Limeng is talking about the CCP’s creation of the virus, which is an unrestricted warfare biochemical weapon. When fellow fighters attack Yan Limeng, don’t kill this statement as this will be in CCP’s favour.

——How many floors can you capture on a Nine-story demon pagoda?

Yan Limeng = the truth about the virus. Attacking Yan Limeng means attacking the truth about the virus. This is exactly what the CCP wants to see! Ask yourselves: Does Yan Limeng’s husband Ma Heng have more say than Yan Limeng? Why did Yan, Lude and Sellin slander Ma Heng for killing? Isn’t it just being afraid that Ma Heng will come out to testify and tell the truth, “robbing” their right to speak the truth about the virus?

3. Aiguoaidang: Yan Limeng now classifies the CCP as bio-terrorists, which is by far the CCP’s biggest crime. Miles will need to take greater measures to eliminate the CCP to convince the public.

——Does Yan Limeng have the right to convict? Did the White House call her to testify? Is she qualified enough? These are common sense issues and Miles don’t need to come out and explain.

4. The silent lamb: Ma Heng is the real witness! So why did he come to America? Overturn the three reports of Dr. Yan? Prove that the virus is not a biological weapon?

——Ma Heng testified to repeal the truth about the virus? Where is the logic!

Ma Heng is a true virus scientist. Is he more valuable than Yan to testify in court? Anti-Yan-Lude-Sellin is not anti-truth-of-virus! Yan-Lude-Sellin want the right to speak the truth  about the virus, first destroy Xi, then destroy the whistle blower movement , and become white gloves for political thieves! We uphold the right to speak the truth about the virus, we eliminate the thieves of the country and accomplish a non-communist world! This is the difference! !

[The following are my hypotheses. Time will tell]

1. Yan’s defection was deliberately arranged by the CCP. Although coming into all kinds of thrills, in the end, it will just be full of surprises.

2. Yan is the swallow that Jiang Gong deployed.. close to virus scientist Ma Heng.

3. After meeting with Lude, Yan quickly seized the right to speak the truth about the virus by riding on the whistle blower movement.

4. Yan, Lude, and Sellin make use of the virus to destroy the Communist Party of Xi. When the time is right, they will turn around and use the public opinion harvested in the whistle blower movement to split and destroy.

5. Ma Heng is the real witness who was slandered as a murderer by Yan, Lude, and Sellin. If Ma Heng appeared in court to testify, Yan-Lude gang’s soap opera would no longer be able to continue.

Are you still feeling sad and gloomy after reading  this?

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