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The Chinese Communist Party excels at using Unrestricted Warfare to combat the enemy and confuse the public, and it is hard for people to see the truth when truth and disinformation are intertwined.

We help you to clarify:

1. The whistleblower Movement exposed the Chinese Communist Party’s evil plans to destroy the world in the form of viruses and infiltration and etc.

2. The Whistleblower Movement helped the scientists who have the proof of the Covid origin to flee the country, including Limeng Yan.

3.  However, it turned out that Li Mengyan and Lude (Lude Media) are undercover agents of the CCP aim to destroy the CCP’s greatest threat- the Whistleblower Movement.  Since July 11, Li meng Yan and Lude started spreading disinformation to attack the Whistleblower Movement.

Don’t be deceived by these people who are actually working for the CCP.

4. WhistleBlower Movement tells the truth only, Trust, but verify.

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