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1. Remember that we should spend more time with our families and take exercises. Everything is just beginning, so do not be impulsive. We will have a long long way to go.

2. A revolution brought by violence must be even worse, and what awaits  is another violence.

3 .If the current leaders do not understand social media, sooner or later they will be overthrown by We Media.

4. The Pangu Plaza is a dragon-shaped building, which is the only non-American style building located in China on the earth. Architecture can be considered as the third language of a country.

5. Patriotism is not equal to loving the Chinese Communist Party. I have never said that I love the party in any case, because I love my country instead of the CCP.

6. Nowadays all the bad things in this society are related to us. The iniquity we made will ferment and come back to our children and grandchildren.

7. Don’t be provoked, don’t lose hope, and don’t be bribed. As long as we are united together, we will definitely usher in a bright and beautiful day!


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