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1: Today in Quebec, 64 new cases were confirmed in a single day, 39 fewer than yesterday, for a cumulative total of 375,429 cases, of which 363,484 have recovered. The number of deaths is: 11,229.

2: The number of people vaccinated on Wednesday the 7th for one day is: 113,084, the total number of vaccinations has reached 9,079,510 doses, 71.7% of the population has been vaccinated. There are still 11,201,269 doses of vaccine waiting to be administered to people.
3: The Lambda variant of the virus that has caused global concern has attacked Canada and 11 cases have been detected in Canada. Now that Delta is not over, the threat of lambda is already raging, so don’t relax, friends!

4: As of the 6th of this month, 69.1% of people have completed the first dose of the vaccine and 37.8% have completed the second dose. There are more and more people reacting that the second dose has much more adverse reactions than the first dose. It was found at 79.1% of adverse reactions were reported from women and were more violent than men. Common side effects include facial paralysis, pulmonary embolism, blood clots, cardiac arrest, as well as arm pain, fever, rash, headache and shortness of breath.

5: Nowadays, many Chinese have received the Kexing vaccine and the Chinese medicine vaccine after returning to the mainland, but they need to be isolated for 14 days when they return to Canada because the domestic vaccine is not federally recognized in Canada, and the federal government only approves the use of 4 vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. The Chinese vaccine is only approved by WHO and is mostly promoted to Asian and Latin American countries only.

6: Today the Quebec Minister of Health announced that a vaccine passport will be implemented as of September 1, replacing the universal blockade with this. It says that the vaccine passport will only be used during the cold-19 outbreak and that you can only enter gyms and restaurants with this passport.

If you want to educate children, you have to educate parents first.

Children are the continuation of their parents’ lives. How much honesty do new immigrant parents give and teach their children, and are they actively involved in social activities? Do they let their children start from somewhere by posting their first resume instead of relying on their parents to help them find a job through the back door? In recent years, many new immigrants from China have brought some of their domestic connections and skills to Canada. Canadian middle and high schools together.

Chinese parents are flocking with their children into all kinds of cramming classes, so much so that cramming classes are springing up. They do not exercise their children’s independent thinking and logical thinking skills. The children have lost their childlike innocence and it is hard for them to attend all kinds of cramming classes on weekends.

The parents do not consider their feelings and do not look inside their children to see how they think, but just impose their own ideas on themselves. Such parents are quite selfish.

A popular saying in China is don’t let your child lose at the starting line. Most parents are eager to take their children to music lessons, art lessons, and so on. There is so much homework that children don’t have time to sleep at night, let alone play. Among the long history, how many people will become great scientists and domestic famous specialist doctors? Most of us have to be ordinary workers. Only a very small number of people may become leading figures in science and technology, culture and so on. But we see thousands of troops across the country crowding this narrow bridge. Madam Jackie further expressed.

Parents in the country are worried that their children will not be able to get into junior high school or high school without school. They think being a craftsman is inferior. We need to teach parents how to be parents.

There are also examples of domestic children who have come out to study abroad in North America and have failed. There was a murder at Fudan University in Shanghai a while ago, and another one at Tongji University last week. In China there is no law to speak of, no rules to follow. Whether they hate the Communist Party or the party secretary, the killing is wrong from any point of view. What we hate is the system. Not all returnees are talented.

Some of them became big foreign students from small foreign students, but they couldn’t find a job and go back. No matter inside or outside the system, you have to have real ability to work anywhere. As an old Chinese saying goes, “One can be seen how his adulthood could be when he is still 3 years old, and how his old age could be when he is 7 years old”. In childhood, parents are the best teachers for their children. Parents instill in their children what values and outlooks on life.

Children in the West grow up carefree and happy. Western children start working at the age of 14 or 15 to earn money for their future go. The older sisters often stress the importance of volunteering. Because you don’t get paid for volunteering, there is less legal recourse for many things, and you let others watch over you. It gives you a very good guideline for what to do. At the age of sixteen in North America children can legally work in various fields with their social security number.

One of Madam Jackie’s sister’s co-workers said that at the age of 14 she was helping her single mother pay her bills by taking care of her neighbor’s children for pocket money. She grew up knowing and experiencing life’s hardships, and now at age 27, she is especially good at managing her money and doing her job well. So we teach our kids music and art and stuff from a young age, we don’t need so many musicians and fine artists. These kids just sit there when they get to college, and a lot of them don’t know what to do. It’s easy for North American kids to get into college, but by the second semester of second grade, kids who don’t have the talent to work hard and get bad grades are going to be eliminated.

They grew up playing to build great bodies and working part-time to build strong bodies. We often see many Western children working there in the summer where we buy flowers and decoration materials. Asian children are rarely seen. As parents, we are satisfied when we see that our children are reasonable, understanding, generous and caring, plus they act like a man with responsibility and do their jobs diligently. As for whether to become a scientist or to achieve a great cause, it depends on your personal good fortune. There are no shortcuts here.

A patient of Madam Jackie has seven children at home. Mom and Dad are tired of running a restaurant with their fingers bent. The children are either lawyers, doctors or college teachers. This patient’s mom and dad are second generation immigrants and they set a good example for their children. They let them work in the restaurant when they could reach the pot and help their mom and dad work together. When they grow up, they are very accomplished children. I hope that our brothers and sisters who immigrated from the mainland will think about how to let their children absorb the nutrients of society and grow up in this society, so that our children and grandchildren can take root in this country.

The education system of the whole society is to make you become a member of social collaboration. You could be a clerk at Wal-Mart or Starbucks, or a programmer, etc. This may be something that people have a so-called expertise in. But the really top families in the world, their kids don’t go to public schools. After graduating from private school they go to Harvard, Yale and other world class schools to study history, philosophy, logic and other majors. Then they go to work for big companies for a few years and eventually enter the management of the family.” Madam Wenshang said,”

Nowadays our society is developed, it does not mean that history, philosophy, art, etc. Are useless; they are the cornerstone of ruling people. In ancient Rome, they all had to learn rhetoric, how to use a good vocabulary to express it. When you are a politician, you have to lobby others to use these things. In the Western system, aristocracy plays differently from the common man. Their names, such as Smith, carry the stigma of class. We need to learn more about this if we want to be more competitive in society. The biggest starting line is the quality of the parents themselves. “That some parents in China spend tens of thousands of dollars to enroll in an English class, instead of learning English with their children. “Madam Wenshang said,”

“When the children are small, parents think that the children do not know many things.” In fact, children are watching parents’ every word and deed. The first thing to do is to solve parents’ own problems. We Chinese people have a kind of thinking that only study is high, she believes that the first thing to observe whether the child has the strength of reading. Forcing the child to do this and that actually turns out to be bad. It is possible that even the child is lost in the end. My elder sister has a Taiwanese friend, this friend let her daughter play piano from the age of four or five. The mother enrolled the child in this and that class, and the child entered a competition and took first place in the country as an amateur in Canada.

“At a family celebration party, the parents asked the daughter to play a piece for that occasion.” The daughter reluctantly did so, even though she seemed reluctant. After playing, she told her mother that this was the last time I would ever play the piano. I don’t like it and I will never play the piano again. Through this incident, my older sister realized that she must see her child’s strengths and choose to let her do the things she likes. Music and sports can be learned, but don’t let them learn them as a task, but as a hobby. Big Sister nurtures her own children by guiding them not to be brainwashed by TV and organizing them to do something they can do. “ Madam Farmsisiter says.”

Most of the domestic friends that Madam Jackie knows are working class people who sold their houses for their children to study abroad. They don’t have the concept of elite. Ninety percent of them are the working class, not the elite engineers, architects, and people in charge of people trained by the prestigious universities in North America.

They don’t even know what it’s like to be in charge of other people in the future, let alone to be in charge of other people. So many parents in China send their children to school. The real elite families have already sent their children to private schools. She suggested that in the future, when we in the New Federal State of China are rich, we should donate some of our money to set up a fund to send our offspring to elite schools and train our future management talents in the New Federal State of China.

It takes two to three generations to raise an aristocrat and many families cannot reach it. The standard of living of Chinese people has improved a lot compared to the past, but that can only be called good times, but not happiness. Their lives are still full of fear.

Madam Yishan says: there are many PhD graduates in China who do not want to work part-time, but take advantage of Canada’s welfare policy.

They try to take welfare every way to earn some cash. They do it for their own benefit to the detriment of others. Some of them live comfortably in government welfare housing, and those who have children of the opposite sex can have separate rooms for two. Such parents raise children who like to take advantage of small advantages and will not try to earn money. Some people take advantage of the benefits of both sides, receiving their pensions from China and their pensions here at the same time. They complain about the disadvantages of living in Canada, saying that they can take a taxi and can take high speed train in China.

The doctors here are not good and slow. But the fact is you don’t need to pay a penny for a major illness in here. In China if you see a doctor for a cold you have to do a color ultrasound, and spend more than a thousand. All of the domestic internal rolls are the evil of the Communist system. The Communist Party must be eliminated!

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