Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf, Liberte

This is the conversation the “authorities” in the West have been having with their citizens for the last 18 months: You can’t say Wuhan virus or CCP-virus or China-virus. You have to say Covid-19. But it came from there! That’s irrelevant, calling it Wuhan-virus would be racist..Ok, it looks increasingly like it came from Wuhan, but you still have to call it Covid-19… but, you can’t say “Lab leak”, you have to say “Zoonotic Spread”… Ok, you can say “Lab Leak” now, but you have to say “accidental”… You can’t say “purposely Leaked”. Why would anybody in their right mind do that to their own population? That’s ridiculous. It is a conspiracy theory… Ok, you can say “Purposely Leaked” now, but you certainly cannot say “Biological weapons Program”. Having a Biological Weapons Program is not even allowed based on the Biological Weapons Convention of 1975, and the CCP signed it in 1984. They are our “partners”… Ok, well maybe the evidence points to a Biological Weapons Program, but we have to throw out the previous Administrations report on this research, and start again from scratch. It will take at least 90 days… After we get this report, if it doesn’t show with 100% certainty that it came from the Wuhan Lab, and that it was engineered and released as part of a Biological Weapons Program, then we just have to “cooperate” with the CCP and ask them to “allow” us to conduct a proper investigation in Wuhan so we can get the additional information we need to prove that the CCP is guilty of Crimes Against humanity! 

See how that goes? This is the “civilized world’s process of defending themselves. Frustrated yet? The snails-pace and naivete of the West… At times it is good – like when you are accused of smuggling Cocaine, but you actually did not – someone stuffed it in your luggage at the airport when you were not looking. Then you want due process and you want it to go slowly so that a full investigation can occur in order to exonerate you.

At other times, like now, when there is a Sadistic, Psychopathic, Murderous regime in another country (aka the CCP) trying everything devious plan known to man to kill us (aka Covid-19, biological weapons programs, increasing nuclear arsenals, massively building up its conventional arsenal, secretly planning space weapons, committing Genocide against their own citizens, brutally oppressing other citizens, and other as-yet-unknown methods), it is not so good. At times like this it appears interminably slow, laborious, naive, even puerile – like lining up pencils on your desk when the house is on fire.

But we can’t just attack the CCP without proper cause, you might say. Perhaps that is right, but what will be the result of waiting, AND are there other ways of speeding up their demise (other than kinetically), AND should we not now be erring on the safe side? Don’t we have enough evidence of what the CCP has planned for us already? Should there not, by now, be alarm bells going off everywhere alerting us to the danger we are in? Do we have to wait around for another Pearl Harbor? Another 9-11? Another Holocaust? Another Chernobyl, Fukushima, Nagasaki or Hiroshima?

I submit, the time for hand-wringing is long past. We ‘should be’ acutely aware of the designs of the CCP by now. Nobody should be in doubt after their last 100 years, particularly the last two. We will be condemning more innocent people – probably mostly Taiwanese and Chinese Lao Bai Xing – to death if we dawdle longer. 

What must be done then? Perhaps not kinetic action, but complete Financial and Economic isolation. Yes, this will hurt the Chinese people as well, but the alternative is economic AND physical devastation anyway. To save the patient (the mainland Chinese, Hong Kongers and Taiwanese) we need to cut out the cancer – the CCP.