In solving the “American problem” we have to think outside the box. Historical-ly, if one country defeats or occupies another country, it cannot kill all the peo-ple of the conquered country because the efficiency of killing with swords, spears, and even guns was so low that it was impossible to get a piece of land without taking away the people of that land. But if we conquer the United States according to this frame, we can’t colonize the United States in large numbers of Chinese people either.

Only by using extraordinary means to “clear the field” of the United States can the Chinese people be led over. This is the only way, not a question of wheth-er or not we are willing to. What extraordinary means can be used to “clear the field” of the United States? Conventional weapons such as aircrafts, artillery, missiles, and warships will not work, nor will highly destructive weapons such as nuclear weapons. Only non-destructive weapons of mass murder can keep the United States land intact for colonization. Modern biotechnology is ad-vancing rapidly, and new biological weapons are emerging. Of course, we have not been idle, we have seized the time to master such deadly weapons over the years, and we have been able to achieve the purpose of suddenly “clearing the field” of the United States. When Comrade Xiaoping was still alive, the central government made the right decision with foresight: not to de-velop aircraft carrier battle groups, but to focus on deadly weapons to exter-minate the enemy’s population.

For humanitarian reasons, we should first warn the American people and per-suade them to evacuate from the country, or even the continent, if possible, and give the land where they live now to the Chinese people, or at least give half of the United States to China for colonization, since North and South America were first discovered by the Chinese. But will this work? If it doesn’t work, there is only one way to go: to “clear the field” in the United States by decisive means, and to get people to vacate the land in the United States as quickly as possible! Our historical experience proves that as long as we cre-ate a fait accompli, no one in the world can do anything to us, not to mention that when the United States, the leader of the enemies is eliminated, other en-emies have to bow to us.

Biological weapons are incomparably cruel. But if the Chinese people are trapped in this existing land and suffer a social collapse, according to the cal-culations of the author of “The Yellow Scourge”, half of the Chinese people will die, more than 800 million people! Our yellow land carried nearly 500 million people at the beginning of the liberation, and now the open population is more than 1.3 billion, the carrying capacity of this yellow land has reached its limit, maybe some day if it collapses, more than half of the population will die.

We have to be prepared for both. If the biological weapons sneak attack is successful, the Chinese people will pay the least sacrificial price in the strug-gle against the United States. But if it is unsuccessful or triggers nuclear retal-iation by the United States, I am afraid China will suffer the disaster of losing more than half of its population, so we have to be prepared for the air defense of large and medium-sized cities. For the sake of the future of the Party, the country and the nation, we can only go forward boldly! No matter how many difficulties and hardships, no matter how many sacrifices we have to make! Even if more than half of the population dies, it can still be regenerated, while once the Communist Party collapses, everything is finished! Forever!

The most typical example is that the Xiangyu(the King of Chu) was not able to “chase the poor enemy” to Liu Bang, but ended up dying in front of him. Therefore, we emphasize the need to take decisive measures at all costs. The future of China and the United States to meet the narrow bridge, our mercy is the cruelty to the Chinese people.

When I talk about this, some people inevitably ask: What about the millions of our compatriots in the United States? They say, “Aren’t we against Chinese people killing Chinese people?

These comrades are very pedantic and too impractical. Can we liberate China if we insist that the Chinese do not kill the Chinese? As for the millions of Chi-nese in the U.S., this is of course a big problem, so over the years we have al-so been researching genetic weapons, biological weapons that do not kill the yellow race. But this research is very difficult. The world’s genetic weapons research, Israel is at the forefront, their genetic weapons are to deal with the Arabs and protect the Israelis. But haven’t even reached the practical stage. We have research cooperation with Israel, we can take some of their technol-ogy over some of the technology that they use to protect the Israelis and modi-fy it to protect the yellow race. But, their technology is not up to snuff, and we can hardly surpass them in a few years. If the genetic weapons breakthrough is five to ten years away, we can’t wait. The limited lives of our old comrades can’t wait. Although old soldiers like me can still wait for another five or ten years, those old comrades of the 38th type and the few old Reds who are left cannot wait any longer. So we have to give up the expectation of genetic weapons.


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