Author: Wenxiao
Translator: billwilliam
Editor: Shifter

Image source: DW

During his speech in Tokyo on July 5, Japan Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Taro Aso stated that Communist China’s potential invasion of Taiwan can be regarded as a “survival-threatening situation” for Japan, and that Japan can exercise limited collective self-defense rights under this scenario.  According to security-related laws, a “survival-threatening situation” is one of the necessary requirements for exercising the right of collective self-defense—which means a country closely related to Japan being attacked and thus posing an obvious threat to Japan’s survival. 

Because Communist China always hurls vicious diatribes against its detractors, I had the premonition that the CCP’s “Warrior Wolves” would use abusive language against Japan. Sure enough, Deputy Prime Minister Aso was slammed by the CCP.

In the evening on July 6, Yahoo Japan covered on its front page headline the CCP’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian’s counterattack against Deputy PM Aso’s comments.

According to the news report, Zhao Lijian, Deputy Spokesperson of the CCP’s Foreign Ministry, expressed “strong dissatisfaction and firm objection” at a press conference on July 6. He reportedly also lodged a solemn protest against Japan. Zhao Lijian indicated, “We will not tolerate any interference in the Taiwan issue. We will never tolerate any contempt of the Chinese people’s determination, will, and our strong capability to safeguard our national sovereignty.”  

To be candid, this is a relatively mild and polite threat in “Warrior Wolf” Zhao’s collection of curse language. He was just bragging and exaggerating the CCP’s strength.

Original Gnews article in Chinese:

【密翻在线】麻生副首相提“危机事态”阻中共侵台 遭外交战狼反击

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