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1. The CCP paid heavily for others’ blessings on its 100th anniversary

(1) The CCP provided foods, natural gas and gasoline for North Korea in exchange for their support. Yet, they were sued by the Kim Dynasty and asked for USD 8 billion as compensation for the poor quality of their provisions.

(2) Putin congratulated the CCP on his own behalf only, instead of representing the country or his government, but the condition was the CCP had to pay upfront for the natural gas they had ordered from Russia.

(3) Two Middle East countries, two African countries and Iran requested for substantial financial support, and yet they did not send any representative to the ceremony.

2. The new Romance of the Three Kingdoms

There are now three factional struggles in the CCP: Xi Jinping’s faction, Jiang ZeMin’s faction (which is also related to Wang Qishan, Chen Yun, and Meng JianZhu) and Hu Jintao’s faction. The senior officials from the military were absent from the celebration so it is still uncertain if Xi will have the last laugh. It is predicted that the winner of the rivalry will be Jiang and his family eventually.

3. The tremendous fear of the CCP:

Citizens are restricted to buy town gas, refill gas for their cars, and purchase kitchen knives. Withdrawing money from the banks becomes extremely hard as well. All these are slowly waking people up from their prolonged numbness. We need to fully utilize media to disseminate the horrifying truth about the CCP.

4. US VS China

It is undeniable that the US systems are flawed, very flawed indeed, but it has successfully gathered talents, capital and wisdom. It also knows how to respect humans and animals, endeavors to unify the globe, and is a country with democracy, rule by law, and freedom.

The communist China, on the other hand, privatizes the country as its own property and executes dictatorship. As a result, villains are everywhere and their greed is infinite. What’s more, ethics and morals are brushed aside. They do not mind killing landlords so that the Party can be the biggest landowner, and destroying all gods to shape the CCP as the god of the world. These people are simply out of their mind. 

5. Whistleblower’s success is recognized

The leadership, who has stayed in touch with Mr Guo, and who used to work in the government and now lives in Shanghai, fully agrees to Guo’s past and present actions on revealing the truth of the CCP, and thinks that the new Federal State of China is making huge impacts internationally.

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