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Translation: XiaoYu

According to a report from China News Network on July 3, when Zhong Nanshan, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, attended the 2021 graduation ceremony of Shanghai University of Science and Technology in Shanghai, he called on people to be  “rest assured of injecting Chinese vaccines.”

He said that the Chinese Communist Party’s whole virus inactivated vaccine is effective against infection, pneumonia, and severe illnesses. Therefore, it is safe to inject Chinese vaccines which are also effective against delta variant strains.

There, he spoke about the experiences of the Chinese Communist Party’s new corona prevention and control strategy and vaccine research and development. He introduced 71 vaccines currently being developed in the Chinese Communist Party, 9 were already available, of which 2 were included in the emergency-use list of the World Health Organization.

Why does the CCP develop 71 vaccines in tandem?

The new coronavirus vaccines currently used in the world are divided into four main categories: mRNA, adenovirus vector, inactivated vaccine, and Indian serum vaccine (recombinant protein). At present, most widely promoted in Communist China are domestically produced Kexing and Sinopharm inactivated vaccines. Followed by the Adenovirus-based CanSino vaccine developed by a team led by Chen Wei, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. This vaccine is claimed to have a protection rate of higher than 90%.

Also, according to CCTV news, Li Xingqian, Director-general of the Department of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Commerce, revealed in an interview with CCTV reporters on June 7 that currently, 21 vaccines in Communist China have entered the clinical trial stage, and 4 have been approved for conditional listing in the country. The two vaccines of Sinopharm and Beijing Kexing have been entered in the WHO emergency-use list. So far, the CCP has exported vaccines to more than 40 countries…

The CCP has been broadcasting to the world: “China’s vaccines are safe and effective.” They empathize with people all over the world who are eager for vaccines. Although under tight domestic vaccine supply too, they will still do their best to provide vaccines to the outside world…

According to the Chinese Communist Party, existing vaccines are both safe and effective, with a protection rate of 90%. Why then, does the Chinese Communist Party have to develop so many vaccines in tandem? Are there too many types of viruses and not enough vaccines, or are the existing vaccines simply not effective?

On June 20th, Mr. Guo warned in a live broadcast. According to reliable intelligence sources, the CCP still holds control of a variety of viruses with higher fatality and infection rates. Expect a new round of biological and chemical weapons launched on Western countries in the late summer, early autumn of this year. , and plans to attack Taiwan when Western countries are hit by the virus, when medical systems collapse, when the economy is troubled , and when everyone is mired in fatigue. This to escape having to answer to the world regarding the truth of the virus.

Zhong Nanshan’s speech at the Shanghai University of Science and Technology on July 3 implicitly endorses Mr. Guo’s warning. I hope that the entire world will stand vigilant and prevent another catastrophe from happening.

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