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In preparation for the 100th Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on July 1st, it is important to take stock of the vast “contributions” that the CCP has made to humanity. Our June 28 article “100 Years of the Communist Party: a Legacy of Evil, Death and Depravity” (https://gnews.org/post/p1357978/ ) outlined the immeasurable Death and Destruction wrought on the Chinese people and culture by the CCP. In this article we will take an inventory of the recent “contributions” of this criminal organization to the rest of the World.

The CCP will commemorate 100 years on July 1st with propaganda, brainwashing, cracking down on freedom marches in Hong Kong, perhaps a military parade, and bellicose language against the West meant to rally Nationalistic fervor in order to ensure that the top elites of the CCP are protected in case of a kinetic clash with America and its allies. The entire display will be an artifice designed to keep the regime in power – as always.  It has nothing to do with what is best for the Chinese Lao Baixing – in 100 years it never has been. The goal is always to protect the CCP’s “family business” – which happens to be the entire country. Over the last 40 years the CCP has sought to expand this “family business” to include the entire world.

So why would anybody in the West celebrate these 100 years? We thought it would be helpful to take stock of the contributions the CCP has made to the International order since 1921. Here are our top five favorites:

Release of Biological Weapon

In contravention of the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) of 1975, which bans biological and toxin weapons by prohibiting their development, production, acquisition, transfer, stockpiling and use (signed by the CCP in Nov 15, 1984), the CCP carries on a biological weapons program (which is a fusion of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA),  PLA-controlled “civil” organizations and overseas scientific and medical establishments) and has developed many viruses, one of which (Covid-19) was released to the World sometime in 2019. To date the virus has sickened 182 million people and killed 3.956 million. The economic damage to the World is in the tens of trillions. As the World focusses on solving the question of where the virus came from, and exactly what is the nature of the virus, the CCP is very likely to seek to divert attention from its own culpability by invading Taiwan, and releasing more bio-chemical agents from its stockpile. 

This is the ‘piece-de-resistance’ of the CCP’s contribution the World – Happy 100th Anniversary!

Subverting Financial Markets

It is difficult to quantify the nefarious impact of CCP operations in the International financial markets, but it is certainly in the order of US trillions. The list of orchestrated dirty deeds is too long: 

This is the result of the West inviting the CCP into the IMF 1945, the World Bank in 1981, and the World Trade Organization in 2011. But most of all it is the result of the naivete and greed of the Establishment Oligarchs who kept sucking on the profits made on the backs of cheap labor in China, while the workers in their own country lose their jobs. Happy 100th Anniversary! 

Infiltrating & subverting civil society & Institutions 

You have all heard of the organizations the CCP uses to infiltrate the West: “United Front”, “Confucius Institutes”, “China-United States Exchange Foundation” (CUSEF) and others. For decades the CCP has infiltrated, planted collaborators in, and funded/invested/bribed Politics, Media, Social media, Think Tanks, Science, Universities, School Boards, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Wall Street. The results are obvious: a nearly uniform aping of CCP talking points; censorship of ideas that are contrary to the Marxist Revolutionary goals, by western Media and Social Media; watering-down of policies to protect Nations against CCP predation by politicians; propaganda movies coming out of Hollywood; dangerous subversive theories like Critical Race Theory and cultural Marxism coming out of Schools and Universities – theories designed to fuel race war; Wall Street tycoons ignoring the damage done to Western interests and ideals by their greed in collaborating with the CCP; Fentanyl flooding over US borders and killing vulnerable youth. 

Decades of blind engagement with the CCP has turned America into the hottest market for the importation of the Marxist Revolution. While Politician’s and Wall Street’s eyes were focused on personal gain and power, the Fifth-column was busy infiltrating American Institutions extremely successfully. Play with the Devil, and lose your freedom, your faith, and your wallet. Happy 100th Anniversary!

Militarization, breach of contracts and threats to International order

CCP propaganda promotes the non-colonial nature of China. The CCP, it touts, has no designs on other countries’ territory. Except of course, that is a blatant lie. What is the nature of their actions on the north Indian border, in the South and East China Seas, in Hong Kong where they breached the Sino-British agreement, in and around Taiwan, along the One-Belt-One-Road string of countries where vast sums of money are being lent, far more than those countries can ever repay, if not colonial? 

Engage with the Devil and you will end up in Hades. Another top-ten cultural contribution the World – Happy 100th Anniversary!

Environmental degradation & the environmental hoax

The Paris Accord on greenhouse gas emissions allows each country to set their own targets. Whether you think man-made climate change is a hoax or an existential threat, allowing a murderous, lying regime like the CCP to sit on their hands and watch while other countries wring their hands about making their economies less efficient and less fuel self-sufficient, only benefits the CCP.

A study shows that the People’s Republic generated over half of the world’s coal-fired power in 2020, up nine points (to 53 percent) from 2015. China actually opened more coal plants in 2020 than it had in the prior three years combined — three times as many new coal plants as the entire rest of the world. Not coincidentally, China was the only G20 nation whose greenhouse-gas emissions grew last year. When it comes to greenhouse-gas emissions, coal is the “dirtiest” fossil fuel.

From air, to water, to food, the CCP is responsible for the worst degradation of a Nation’s environment on the planet, and it is naturally affecting the entire planet since air-borne and sea-borne pollution travels around the World.


Engage with the Devil and he will develop countless ways of weakening you and killing you – undeclared biological warfare, communications warfare, Fentanyl, financially, culturally, and militarily. This is the legacy and contribution of the CCP to the West over the 100 years of its existence. The only sensible path forward is to ensure that the CCP does not survive to enjoy its 101st birthday. This must be the end of the line for the most murderous, sadistic, devious, unethical, unscrupulous, and corrupt criminal organization in the History of the World. The longer we allow it to exist the more likely it will succeed in its quest to subdue the entire World. There can no longer be any doubt that this is the end-goal.