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Getter Video link[June 29, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

[June 29, 2021] Video translation

Today is June 29th. Dear honored fellow fighters, have you worked out yet? Check it out, everybody. In the last couple of days, I’ve noticed that this brand-new suit looks so big on me. Gosh, I’ve lost too much weight.

Today I have to post this video on our G-TV to inform everybody that everything is fine, because the GETTR platform is adjusting. GETTR is not ours, so we should follow the instructions. Right? GETTR is cleaning up all the data and accounts. Afterwards , everybody has to re-register their accounts.

As you may know, China has been bustling with incidents in the last few days.

After several destructive events, such as the massive fire and explosion in Hong Kong’s Aberdeen typhoon shelter, a section of the underground waterway (a military defense project) in Beijing came crumbling down, and there was nearly a bridge bombing in Dalian — most of the people involved were arrested – and now a suspected bombing of the MTR in Hong Kong has been discovered. The Hong Kong MTR is heavily guarded now.

I think our fellow fighters in Beijing can sense the tense atmosphere if they take the subway: plainclothes everywhere, secret agents everywhere, soldiers everywhere — as if the sky is falling.

Not only that, 2,000 special forces have been deployed in the Imperial Palace, the Forbidden City. But yesterday, an additional 5,000 special forces were deployed. Can you imagine what it will be like, at the Imperial Palace, to have 5,000 people who have to eat, drink, shit, pee, and sleep?

The buildings around Zhongnanhai (Beijing) have been reinforced with defensive facilities on the roof. The top priority is to prevent drones, so a large number of anti-drone laser cannons have been installed.

The CCP’s laser cannon is absolutely world-class in the world, though it cannot rank first.  Compared to the US technology, it does not have a chance to rank first. Ranking in the top 3 or top 5 is no problem. Laser cannons have been deployed.

A “Triple Ring” defense system has been deployed in the Xishan Command Post of the Joint Staff Operations Department of the Central Military Commission, throughout the Tongzhou area in eastern Beijing, as well as near Beijing Capital International Airport and Beijing Nanyuan Airport. 

What is the “Triple Ring” defense system? It is a mechanism that includes three facilities and three units deployed to ensure each angle is under protection. Why is such a system required? Because the different defensive teams do not trust each other.

Now the CCP is fully prepared to shoot down any unknown flying objects all over Beijing — Da Fei Ji. Don’t get me wrong. I’m referring to shooting down real flying objects, not the dirty pun “Da Fei Ji,” which means “jerk off” in English.

Now, the whole of Beijing city is so heavily guarded against flying objects. A country and a government that are scared to this extent, which is so miserable and terrible.

Besides, fellow fighters, you may not know, somebody was investigated for filling a few extra cans of natural gas. They were questioned about the usage of the natural gas and taken away to cooperate with the investigation. Some of our fellow fighters or their friends, own more than one car. They were also questioned for driving the cars out and fill them up with gasoline. They were asked why did they abruptly start these cars and fill them up with the gasoline? What were they going to do with these cars?

Even doing this will result in you being questioned, or being asked to testify. Besides, somebody called them and asked whether they had successfully booked the destination in advance.

Several highways leading to the Changping area and the Mongolian steppe are heavily guarded by tanks because the CCP fears that threats may come from there.

Our fellow fighters in the Party in Beijing said they had anticipated such a scenario for many years, but never imagined it would be this extreme.

The CCP’s 100th anniversary — actually a death knell for this dying criminal organization — is so suffocating and oppressive. It has never happened before.

Why, brothers and sisters? Because the Chinese Communist Party is scared. Isn’t it? It has brought fear to the world, to us, to the members of our Whistleblower Movement. Now it’s time for it to fear.

“The CCP’s fear is our weapon!” — Brother-7 has said that from the first day I started to reveal the evil CCP.

The CCP is scared because it knows it has lost the trust of the people. It has been abandoned. Nobody believes its bullshit propaganda that: “everything should belong to the Party; everybody should listen to the Party; everybody’s parents’ kindness is inferior to the Party’s”, anymore.

Now everybody knows that the CCP is a son-of-a-bitch that is going to be destroyed. It is the murderer, and it is the bane of our nation.

All major financial institutions are now being supervised by members of the Disciplinary Inspection Committee and the National Security Committee on the spot. Any information that is going to be released to the public, every employee’s cell phone and computer is monitored.

The CCP has a total fake “rolling pin” economic market, so it is so scared.

The Shanghai Industrial Bank, Bank of Shanghai, and Shanghai Trust falsify financial data. Even the banks’ employees feel embarrassed. But the National Economic Security Committee team directs them to do what the Party tells them to do. With the CCP’s permission, the banks have no problem falsifying, by any means.

The Shanghai Bank people were a little timid and cautious and asked whether it would be okay to go on like this, because they would be held responsible.

“The responsibility is ours, you don’t have to take any responsibility”, the supervision team told them.

“But how can I believe in your words? How can you guarantee that I am exempt from liability?” The Shanghai Industrial Bank’s employees asked.

“Alas! I represent the Party that orders you to do so, and you must do what I say. And I will tell you again that you do not have to take any responsibility,” The supervision team members replied.

So, the CCP has only one purpose and one aim: keep Lao Bai Xing (ordinary people) away from the facts. As long as Lao Bai Xing doesn’t know the truth, the CCP will be safe. Therefore, what has the CCP been doing to the Lao Bai Xing for decades – fooling and deceiving them.

“The central government will compensate you for the money you lost, but you must follow these orders to maintain the financial market”, the CCP said clearly to several major banks, several significant bosses, and several controlling figures In Hong Kong.

Any financial information that is going to be released to the public must be unified and coordinated by the Office of the Representative in Hong Kong and the Office of Economic Stability.

Hong Kong people, have you heard my words? I think you can tell whether what I said is true or false. Right?

Who does the CCP try to cheat? It is the Hong Kong people and our compatriots in mainland China. In the end, the CCP will rob you of all the money and wealth.

Fellow fighters, you know, on July 1st, is the CCP’s 100th anniversary. Also, it is a death knell for this dying criminal organization and a lot of crazy things will happen. There will be a lot of craziness in and around Tiananmen Square.

There are only a few dozen hours before July 1st. A series of politically, economically, significant decisions and international relations changes will occur rapidly after July 1st.

On the CCP’s 100th anniversary — a death knell for this dying criminal organization, we can celebrate, because the CCP will be finished. The CCP, you are finished!

You are so fearful. In just four short years, the Whistleblower Movement made you fear like this. The CCP becomes a public enemy and an international joke that everyone in the world detests. In China, your economy is in collapse, and the people’s hearts are filled with the New Federal State of China. Believe it or not, everybody’s heart is waiting for the arrival of that moment, that moment when you perish.

Hundreds of millions of Chinese compatriots will not have died in vain. “1989-June 4th”, all those souls and ghosts that were unjustly crushed are waiting for you in Tiananmen Square. The hundreds of millions of aborted children who were killed in the wombs are waiting for you. Those who unjustly died during the Cultural Revolution are waiting for you. The CCP believers who were sent to the North Korean battlefield by you, and froze to death, are waiting for you.

Are you still faking it? The Hong Kong Typhoon Shelter incident will happen again and again, and it will erupt across the country. You do not even allow unloading and loading at major wharves across the country now.  CCP, how come you are so fearful? Think about it. Did you ever think that you would end up like today? You might escape today, but can you escape tomorrow? Can you escape next year? Can you hide forever by not allowing the wharves to load and unload? All the lives looted and killed by you in China have already begun to take full action.

The CCP, you are finished! Let’s wait and see.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm (TING GUO)