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1.Japan’s vice Defense Minister Nakayama Says It Is Necessary to Protect Taiwan——a Democratic Country

According to Reuters, Japanese Vice Defense Minister Nakayama warned that cooperation between Communist China and Russia increasingly poses a serious threat and said it is necessary to wake up and protect Taiwan–a democratic country in the face of pressure from Beijing. In a speech at the Hudson Institute, Nakayama questioned whether the policy of recognizing the Beijing authorities (rather than the Taipei authorities) as representing “one China” had stood the test of time for many countries, including Japan and the United States, since the 1970s. Democracies must protect each other, he said. There must be an awakening to protect Taiwan as a democratic nation.

2.Tokyo on the Rise Again, Redeclaration of State of Emergency “Requires Analysis”

According to the Asahi Shimbun, a recent trend of rebound of the CCP virus outbreak in the Tokyo area on the 29th, and Minister of Health, Labour, and Welfare said it is necessary to analyze whether to issue another emergency declaration cautiously. Tokyo had confirmed 317 cases on the 28th. For the ninth consecutive day, it was higher than the same day of the previous week. He said, “Can we reduce the number of people staying on the streets at night by issuing an emergency declaration? If the infection spreads, we will consider issuing another emergency declaration.” At a press conference on the 29th, he said, “It is necessary to cautiously analyze how effective it would be after issuing another emergency declaration.”

3.Former LDP Finance Minister Nukaga Fukushiro Is Hospitalized After Contracting CCP Virus

According to NHK, Nukaga Fukushiro, the former finance minister of the Liberal Democratic Party, has been diagnosed with the Chinese Communist virus. According to Mr. Nukaga ‘s office, after receiving a vaccination against the CCP virus on the 20th of this month, he felt unwell. He had a slight fever on the evening of the 26th, and after resting at home on the 27th, Mr. Nukaga tested positive for the CCP virus by PCR at a Tokyo hospital on the afternoon of the 28th. Mr. Nukaga is being hospitalized, and the Diet has decided to disinfect the offices of the Diet members. A total of 15 members of the Diet have been confirmed to have been infected with the CCP virus.

4.Dentsu Group Sells Its Headquarters Building, Transferring Proceeds of Approximately 89 Billion Yen

According to Reuters, Dentsu Inc. announced on the 29th that the group had accepted an offer to sell its headquarters building in Shiodome, Tokyo. If the transaction is completed, it will receive transfer proceeds of approximately 89 billion yen in the fiscal year ending December 2021. The impact on operating income is expected to be approximately 87 billion yen. Dentsu will continue to lease the building, so the location of its head office will not change.

5.Some Olympic Athletes Refuse Vaccination of CCP ​Virus Due to Fear of Side Effects

According to Asahi Shimbun, on 28th, some athletes from various countries and regions heading to Japan for the Tokyo Olympics have refused to be vaccinated. They fear that if side effects occur after the vaccination, it will affect the condition adjustment before the competition. Although the IOC recommends vaccination, it is not a mandatory requirement, and the final decision rests with the individual athlete. The British Olympic Association submitted a document to Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee President Seija Hashimoto earlier this month, hoping she would do everything possible to ensure the congress is held safely. However, according to a BBC 24 report, more than 90 percent of British athletes (about 1,000 people) have completed the vaccination, but some still refuse to be vaccinated.

6.The Japanese Government Continues to Suspend Vaccination Appointments in the Workplace Due to a Shortage of Modena Vaccine

According to JIJI, a senior official said on the 29th that the government will not restart the CCP virus vaccinations workplace appointments at this time because of a shortage of the U.S.-made Modena vaccines. Appointments for the CCP virus vaccination workplace have been officially opened since the 21st of this month. However, the government suspended new appointments on the 25th because the number of applications exceeded expectations.

7.Mitsubishi Electric Railroad Air Conditioning Equipment Quality Inspection Fraud Has Continued for More than 35 Years

According to the Mainichi Shimbun, on the 29th, after interviewing the people involved, it was learned that Mitsubishi Electric has ignored the necessary pre-shipping inspection of its products and filled in false data for many years in the manufacturing process of railroad locomotive air conditioning equipment. This deceptive quality inspection has been going on for more than 35 years since 1985. The company says “there is no problem with safety” but has started a detailed internal investigation and is ready to explain to customers. According to the source, the air conditioners were manufactured at Nagasaki Works and delivered to national railroad companies such as JR and private railroads.

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