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Miles obtained intelligence from his comrades inside of the CCP top circle and got to know the most important thing is that before the 100th anniversary celebration of CCP’s merged into exist in China, it will make sure there won’t be any trouble in the real estate financial market. Then when will it happen? The CCP has finally decided to throw this economic nuclear bomb on the United States and Europe.

It’s like stepping a foot on a patient who has suffered the pandemic disaster. Take away all the money from the patient, even the last life-saving pot of water. And it is a planned detonation of such economic bomb. Does anyone know what this means? It means the CCP wants to detonate the bomb of entire non-performing assets of finance. In this way, it is true that not only the Chinese people will pay the bill, but also the world’s finance will bear the consequence, especially those who believed in the CCP in the past and invested a lot of money in the CCP. They would have a big trouble.

By then, the CCP’s real estate prices fell as its planned manner. As the bankruptcies of such commercial banks and upper-middle-level banks, a large number of so-called western institutional investors abroad would be basically wiped out, just like CCP did to the Bitcoin a few days before. It’s all money laundering, but CCP closed the door of your money laundering. To put it bluntly: it’s robbing the money of triad gangs.

Many foreign companies, especially Wall Street, as well as government agencies, have lot of money lost this way. The CCP is the big dealer. It is said that certain large funds of Wall Street and certain large funds of Iran got quite furious because the dealer CCP set up the entire Bitcoin virtual currency hike then ate them all. Also, the CCP controls the world’s largest virtual currency trading market in Canada. So the CCP is really a big player of virtual currency in the world, and a big player of Bitcoin. After quickly knocking you down by Bitcoin, CCP will speed up developing its Renminbi in aim of cracking down on the upcoming H-Coin, so that  H-Coin cannot become the world’s largest virtual currency because CCP controls the world’s largest Chinese community, controls the world’s virtual currency trading market, and then it’s the largest money launder, tax evasion, controls Bitcoin market and price.

Then the CCP will rapidly increase oil prices. What is the oil price now? Around 70-80.

Then, under this circumstance, that is, released the coronavirus to Europe and the United States, this pandemic of the virus will cause these countries  inflation and hyperinflation, then the CCP will drop such economic nuclear bombs. I don’t know how many countries in the West are going to bankruptcy and going into liquidation.

This is how evil of the Chinese Communist Party.

Who on earth can withstand such tossing: have the world infected with CCP released virus, stop you from taking the medicine, give you vaccine, then make you unable to work, and finally take your money away. When you are almost half dead, the CCP will attack Taiwan at this moment. If you want to find out the truth of virus origin, he will divert your attention by attacking Taiwan.

The economic nuclear bomb is about to detonate. Now if the world’s stock market is still rising, it is no longer a rise, or it is madness. If the bulk of the world’s goods rise again, it is not inflation, nor is it hyperinflation, and it will explode as a whole. Today’s prices and people’s wages in the United States and the world are the printing papers. Can the world economy develop this way?

We must consider carefully how crazy the world is now.

What should we people of the New Federal State of China do at this time?

(To be continued)

Miles’ broadcast 25 June, 2021