Miles Guo’s Gettr on June 26 was summarized as follows:

  1. In the past few days, the Taiwan issue has been discussed all over the world, not only by the government officials and diplomats, but also by those from corporates and the financial sector because Taiwan’s technology and finance are closely tied to the US. Taiwan uses its technology, financial relations, and culture to keep connections with the world and thus wins the respect from other countries which are willing to protect Taiwan when necessary. Taiwanese government should let the world know that this self-governing island is in extreme danger and under imminent military threat from the rogue CCP regime. Now, according to the insiders’ information I obtained, the chance of war is pretty high and the effect would be devastating. I wish this information was false but the world should wake up to the roguery of the CCP rather than hold on to the naïve belief in the kindness of the CCP.