Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

Now CCP is investigating bitcoin and Huobi Token via all the powerful departments,

including National Security Commission, Ministry of State Security,

Domestic Security Protection Bureau(1st Bureau) and

Technical Investigation Bureau(12th Bureau) of the Ministry of Public Security.

Why? Bitcoin is not only a tool used by the CCP and other evil states to launder money

for criminal purposes, but also a tool used by CCP members to hide their assets.

Huobi Token is not only a tool for CCP to gain intelligence,

but also a tool for outsiders to gain intelligence from CCP insiders. 

A chiefintelligence officer of the security department has recently run away to another country,

with some important confidential information, including highly classified intelligence

from the data centre of Alibaba and information regarding its local military facilities. 

He didn’t take anything with him. He has left tens of millions of cash at home.

When he arrived the 3rd country, I have arranged him to be fully exempted by the local government (of the country he fled to). And he is now under the ultimate protection. 

The relevant authorities have promised him the highest level of witness protection for himself and his entire family

This guy has at least 4,000 bitcoins and $200 million worth of Huobi Tokens.

Another guy from the Taiwan Operations Department in Fujian has also fled out of China in April.

He took all the information about CCP’s military operations against Taiwan.

That’s why CCP is afraid of cryptocurrency. 

What’s the current stage taking down CCP by unveiling the truth of virus?

All the media around the world are gradually starting to talk about the truth of virus.

Vice Secretary of the State Mr. Pompeo said that when the virus comes back, tens of millions of people will die.

And President Biden clearly told the reporters at the G7 summit that we had to

take precautions now. And nobody has paid attention to his last few sentences.

He told the reporters repeatedly for a couple of times that the virus would definitely come again.

Fellow fighters in China don’t store food or gold, which are useless and prone to be confiscated.

Brothers and sisters, we must unite together closely to be safe

Get ready. About by the end of this year or next June, the overall situation will be set.

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